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  • NCIS

    Do You Have a Ducky?

    PTSD is one of those phrases that are thrown around a lot when referring to veterans. I wonder if people really know what it’s like. There are those who have violent nightmares or flashbacks. Then, there are those like a veteran in my life, who I think suffer in silence. Regardless, more has to be done to help our troops. If that didn’t clue you in, the Marine at the center of the “NCIS” episode was suffering from PTSD. My […]

  • Lisbon The Mentalist

    Watch out Lisbon!

    I always love watching how television shows and movies depict news stations. It all comes down to the stereotypes. This week “The Mentalist” pegged them all. You had the cocky and entitled anchor, the blonde and underappreciated meteorologist, and the eager and naive reporter. I am stating now, clearly for the record, that those are untrue. Well, mostly. One part that was completely unrealistic: a producer talking with police while his show was on the air. That’s my job folks, […]

  • Criminal Minds Apprenticeship

    Stalkers Must Like Softball

    “Criminal Minds” went with the right set this week. They’re investigating murders in Miami, so now the palm trees that randomly show up in Virginia will make sense. I was almost screaming at a character in this week’s episode who only got like two minutes of airtime. The mother of the killer teen knew something was off about her son, but she ignored her instincts. That turned out well for everyone. The messed up, no-place-to-go, teen killer has been wearing […]

  • The Mentalist

    Bad Acting…on Purpose?

    The brief hiatus from mentioning Red John on “The Mentalist” was short-lived. At least this time it lead to Patrick Jane putting away a nasty prison guard. Turns out, he transferred Red John’s accomplice after they threatened to expose his need to rape prisoners. Well I guess that’s a double win, info on Red John and a bad guy put away. So there was some good to the Red John story-line this week. I think my favorite Jane moment came […]

  • Criminal Minds

    Too Disturbed for Words

    I have to start my blog on this week’s “Criminal Minds” by saying I’ve never been more disturbed by an episode. Sure, there are your garden variety psychos and killers each week, but it’s the things that people consider normal that really get to me. This week I almost had to turn off the TV because of a woman who believed in Placentophagy. First, a week after a whole episode seemed to center on Reid’s mystery caller we are given […]

  • Vegas New Episode

    Dad’s Lesson on Chopping Cars

    Dad: There is no way you’d be able to chop a car and get it back together in two weeks, never mind a few hours. Me: Spent a lot of time around chopped cars, have you? Dad: No, just cars. I know how they’re built. Most of the time they’re taken apart by a torch. You ain’t getting that back together. Again, I can’t quite figure out what side of the fence Savino is on. It seems he’s trying to […]

  • ncis

    I Finally Understand the Godfather line

    Me: Why are you laughing so hard? Dad: I’m alone at the house and just felt like laughing. (Must make sure my mom is not away from home long…) The last five seconds of “NCIS” were the best moments of this episode, but let me catch you up first. A sailor speeding in a red Ferrari is killed. While the team is investigating the scene, everyone seems to be going through the normal motions. I did find it odd that […]

  • The Mentalist

    Rigsby, Stay Away From the Goatee

    Dad: He was acting like a bum. It was all an act. Me: Wait, what? I just thought he was really strung out after the murders. Dad: No, he knew that would get him in the door with the Red John files. Readers, it has happened. My dad caught a plot line that I missed. I guess it’s good for the old man to get a few in once and a while. This week, “The Mentalist” gave a look back […]

  • holmes episode 4

    Never Trust the Secretary

    Holmes and Watson are rubbing off on each other, not in the dirty way. This week on “Elementary,” Dr. Watson learned why Holmes is distant from people. They don’t like being “read” or investigated. The episode starts just as the premiere teased, Holmes is missing. Watson goes to the police station and tells Gregson she hasn’t heard from Holmes in three hours. She also tells Gregson about Holmes’ addiction problem. The scene cuts to Holmes handcuffed and groggy in a […]

  • Criminal Minds Reed

    Is Reid in Love?

    Who is Reid calling? I was so distracted by that subplot this week I could barely pay attention to the rest of “Criminal Minds.” Reid has been calling a mysterious woman for medical advice for his migraines. I’m glad he’s off the meds, but who is this woman? Have we met her before? Is she linked to the stalker teased in the premiere? The unsub from this episode is amputating victims’ legs. Slowly from victim to victim he is progressively […]

  • Mia and Jack

    Savino Would Get Caught in Today’s Vegas

    I really can’t figure out which side Savino is playing. I mean, he hates the sheriff but calls him in to arrest cheaters in the casino. Then, he seems to let Johnny Rizzo in on his Tumbleweed expansion deal, but we know he’d rather punch Rizzo out. He’s playing some sort of angle; I’m just not sure what it is. Dad: I had a big black Lincoln like Savino when I was growing up. Me: That car looked like a […]

  • NCIS

    Kurt Williams on NCIS?

    There were so many corny lines in this week’s “NCIS,” I checked to see if Kurt Williams was listed as one of the writers. That being said, it’s so great to see the team smiling and joking again. The only weird part, some of the team was missing from the episode with no explanation. Dad: I really liked tonight’s episode. There was no Palmer. Me: I knew you were going to say that. Actually, there wasn’t a lot of Ducky […]