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  • Mia is betting big while trying to win back the money and oil tycoon won from the Savoy.

    Don’t Jump in the Goose Poop

    I love how you can tell the victim at the beginning of a crime show by which person the camera focuses on. Sorry casino dance, it seems your number was up. Dad: Savino and the sheriff are great with their subtle threats to each other. I liked the kiss the ring moment. Me: I did too, plus the fact that they were just throwing verbal punches at each other with the newly elected mayor standing there. (Side Note: Savino sees […]

  • Gibbs teams up with FBI Agent Fornell on a joint NCIS/FBI investigation, and their mutual ex-wife, Diane Sterling gets involved.

    A NCIS Abs Workout

    I think this episode of “NCIS” was one of the hardest for me to write about. Not because I didn’t like the episode, but because there were so many great lines and funny moments I didn’t take a lot of notes. Dad: I love episodes with Fornell. It is hilarious to watch Gibbs and Fornell play off each other. Me: Plus, it’s nice the ex-wife still keeps them on their toes. Dad: Not Gibbs. She didn’t rattle him like she […]

  • The team tracks an UnSub who decides to create his own puppets.

    Reid’s Girlfriend Revealed

    OK, I’m glad Reid is trying to be careful for his sweetheart, but I really wanted to watch this first date! Oh, and I was surprised they chose Beth Riesgraf to play the part. Secretly I was hoping for the bartender he did his magic trick on back in Season 4 of “Criminal Minds.” I am a fan of “Leverage,” so seeing Beth here may be a little weird for me. At least we are finally getting some details about […]

  • Awkward Moment: When Savino's mistress meets the wife

    I think I’ll Skip the S.O.S.

    It’s like “Vegas” is giving us two sets of tangos to watch each week.  First, there’s the flirting between Deputy Lamb and Mia. Then, you have the back and forth between Savino and the sheriff. I haven’t decided which one I prefer watching yet. Dad: That brother is in over his head. He’s going to get burned. Me: By Mia or the father? Dad: Both. There’s something about TV shows that has always bugged me, movies too. Can you really […]

  • As the NCIS team investigates a teenage girl’s abduction, Ziva and Abby work closely with her young friend who witnessed the kidnapping.

    Ziva’s Secret Schmuel

    Gibbs makes moonshine?! How did I miss this fact? It seems like I was way more interesting in what was happening with the team then the murder in this episode of “NCIS.” Me: I knew Shmuel wasn’t going to be a boyfriend type. Tony was just too obsessed with figuring it out. Dad: Yeah, but did you see his face when Ziva walked out with Shmuel? That was not who he expected. Ha ha ha. Me: When has Tony ever […]

  • The team searches for a killer who thinks he can see when people are lying.

    Serial Killers and Bad Handwritting

    Motivational speakers have always bugged me. I mean, they are similar to the preachers I enjoy listening to, those who inspire and challenge me. But I guess without something foundational like a Bible to back it up, I’ve always just naturally assumed they were faking it. It made it kind of hard to relate to the victim on “Criminal Minds.” This week’s killer had the complete serial-killer package, if you ask me. There was the tragic home life, lots of […]

  • Tony keeps asking questions when he learns Ziva is trying to get tickets to the opera.

    Gibbs is a Badass

    Dad: I don’t like the emotional Gibbs. Me: He’s not emotional, he’s relatable. Dad: Nah, he’s just supposed to beat people up and get the bad guy. Me: Well he was called a badass this week. Dad: That’s true. I am glad “NCIS” once again got their man in Part Two of the PTSD episode. The only thing, Part One had me more hooked on every word than this episode. That may be because Mom and Dad were in town […]

  • The BAU team searches for a school bus full of missing children.

    Stick to Mario and Donkey Kong

    I have nothing against video games. I find them fun, and mainly lean towards Mario and Donkey Kong. I guess that’s why I’d never kidnap teens, lock them in a basement, and force them to act out the game for me. Plus, where would I get magical feathers? Would a school bus full of teenagers really stop for a broken down car? I mean seriously! There has to be some sort of school guideline saying nope, that may not be […]

  • Sheriff Lamb takes Savino into protective custody when Milwaukee puts out a hit on the mobster.

    Go Hug a Cactus

    Dad: Hahahahaha, go hug a cactus. That’s a good line. I may have to use that. Me: Where are there any cacti in Kentucky? Dad: They aren’t. The person would have to leave to find one. Bonus! I did not see that coming! I mean like 15 seconds before I figured it out, but by then it was too late. Rizzo killed the big boss! The whole “Vegas” episode, we’re watching the ramifications of Savino murdering the Milwaukee guys. We […]

  • PatrickJane orchestrates an elaborate plan to break Lorelei Martins out of prison in the hopes of her leading him to Red John

    A Break from The Mentalist

    I think Dad and I are going to take a break from writing our thoughts on “The Mentalist.” At this point, I’m so frustrated with the show I once loved that I may stop watching it all together. And this week’s episode is what really tipped the scales. Dad: Oh, not this Red John crap again. I just wish they’d get that over with or something. This is getting ridiculous. Me: Agreed. I don’t even care who it is anymore, […]

  • Sheriff Lamb investigates the murder of a dentist who appears to have been killed because of his gambling addiction.

    Playing War on Main Street

    Dad: Now that’s funny. Me: What? Dad: Making those robbers stand in the road in their underwear. (Laughter) Sorry if I’m a little behind on my “Vegas” reviews but I had to wait until Mom and Dad were finished with their disaster relief work in New York. It’s just not the same watching episodes without him. Exhibit A: Dad: That’s how they used to do it back then. They’d take you home instead of arresting you for little things. Me: […]

  • Criminal Minds Sergeant

    The Unknown of Vietnam

    When will people learn? You never get into cars with strangers! It doesn’t matter if they are cute, former firemen. It’s always a bad idea. That being said, the first victim did have a really good voice, in my opinion. Side note: I noticed for the first time they added JJ kicking butt to the opening titles of “Criminal Minds.” Love it! This week I’m adding being drowned with bleach to my list of ways I never want to die. […]