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  • Tractor Grease in Your Hair

    Faking like you’re taking a prisoner to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is cold- hearted, but it worked for the “NCIS” team. Still, if you didn’t realize that was fake, I don’t think you were paying attention. Dad: There’s no way that could be real. Me: What tipped you off? Dad: If Gitmo was really on lockdown, Ziva wouldn’t be able to run back and forth between areas. Me: Valid point. I thought the Gitmo idea was fake when they were on […]

  • Mobsters Weren’t Made for the Country

    Well this episode of “Vegas” sure set up some interesting plotlines for the rest of the season. You have Jack killing Mia’s father, Jones working for Savino, and the A.D.A. determined to find where her snitch, Savino’s wife, went. Dad: I’m not a fan of the A.D.A. Me: Me either. But I wonder if they want us to feel that way a bit. Dad: Why is that? Me: Well I’m betting in that era it wouldn’t have been easy for […]

  • Don’t Judge the Teddy Bear

    When I first heard they were doing an Abby flashback episode on “NCIS,” I was really excited. What was she like as a kid? Who would they get to play a young Pauley Perrette? Did she ever not wear pigtails? So, I was pleased to have those questions answered. Dad, however, wasn’t the biggest fan. Dad: Why was it all mushy and emotional? Me: We’ve been through this, not every episode can be a shoot ’em up style. Dad: I […]

  • Blood Red is Not my First Choice

    Reid is back with the team but he’s got a long way to go before he can fully recover, and who can blame him? I love how Morgan drew him into the case by playing upon his knowledge and desire to help. Reid was willing to open up a little, but as soon as you mentioned Maeve or her murder, forget it. The team was tracking an artist who drained his victims of their blood so he could use it […]

  • Let’s go to the Ranch, I Want a Divorce

    Dad: I remember those divorce ranches. Me: They really existed? Dad: Yeah. People would fly to Las Vegas, spend about six weeks or so, and come home divorced. It was a lot harder back then to get divorced. Me: Harder in what way? Dad: Well in Jersey, you could only get divorced if you had proof of adultery. Me: So if I was married to a guy who was beating me, I couldn’t get a divorce in Jersey? Dad: Nope. […]

  • Where is Reid’s Happiness?

    I’m still stunned over last week’s “Criminal Minds.” I saw it coming but I really didn’t want to. How could the writers do this? It’s not right; Reid deserves to be happy at some point. So does the whole team, but this just keeps happening to people they love. To fill you in, the stalker chasing Reid’s girlfriend found her. Then, she killed her. As soon as I saw Michelle Trachtenberg I knew things were bad. Post “Harriet the Spy,” […]

  • I’d like to come back as a Dolphin

    I feel better now that the BAU team is in on the serial-killer loop. That means the storyline can start moving forward a bit. So far, he’s copied two of the serial killers they’ve tracked this season. I know it’s a season-long arc, which means there won’t be an ending ‘til May, but I’m so hooked and need more info. I mainly want to know if Reid’s girlfriend is connected to the killer. There’s just something fishy going on there. […]

  • Olives, Paternity, and a little Hebrew love

    Quick, someone teach me Hebrew! I was thoroughly distracted through the end of this “NCIS” episode trying to figure out what Tony whispered into Ziva’s ear. Dad: What did he say? Your mom and I thought it was, “I love you.” Me: So did I. It was actually, “At lo levad,” which I’ve learned means, “you are not alone.” Dad: Oh. OK. Me: Come on! That’s so sweet! Some fans may have been disappointed Ziva and Tony did not kiss, […]

  • Driving Your Girlfriend’s Husband Home

    I think if a man showed up to a sheriff’s station with a shotgun because the sheriff’s son, who is also a deputy, was sleeping with the man’s wife it would play out very differently in 2013 than it did in the 1960s. Dad: Ha, ha, that cracked me up. And I love that the sheriff made his son drive the couple home. Me: At least he took away the shotgun beforehand. The twist of the week on “Vegas” seemed […]

  • An Unexpected Victim

    I did not see that one coming! That’s right, “NCIS” actually caught me off guard tonight. I was so distracted I didn’t pick up the foreshadowing. Dad: You didn’t think Ziva’s father was going to be killed? Me: I saw that part coming before the episode aired. Even the promo gave that away. I didn’t realize they were going to kill off the director’s wife. Dad: Well, they pulled one over on you. Ha, ha. How does it feel to […]

  • Charging 20 Bucks for Mobsters

    I was thoroughly distracted during this episode of “Vegas.” It wasn’t because of the plot or something else going on. As soon as I saw D.B. Sweeney all I could think about was “The Cutting Edge” and how much I wanted to watch the movie. Dad: Did you see who the bad guy was? Me: Oh yeah. As soon as I saw him I knew he was involved. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about wanting to watch the movie. Dad: […]

  • A Fish Called Kate

    Dad: McGee was the Beaver! Ha, ha, ha! Me: I know! How are we just finding out about him being the school mascot? I have a feeling that joke is going to stick around for a bit. It’s the holiday season, which means, let’s add some awkward family moments to our beloved “NCIS” team, specifically Tony. I love how Jack Wagner and Michael Weatherly play off each other so well as father and son. As soon as Tony brought up […]