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  • sharper

    Former NFL, William & Mary player Darren Sharper pleads guilty to sexual assault

    (CNN) — Retired NFL star Darren Sharper changed course and pleaded guilty Monday to one count of sexual assault and one count of attempted sexual assault. Sharper has been in jail in Los Angeles since last year, but this case was in Arizona. Sharper and his attorney had a telephone meeting with Judge Warren Granville, where the former player and television analyst changed his plea. The judge sentenced Sharper to nine years in prison with no eligibility for early release, […]

  • policerace2

    Louisville police officer helps ‘inspirational woman’ finish 10k, photos go viral

    (CNN) — There were 10,000 runners and walkers at the Rodes City 10K on Saturday. Asia Ford was among the last. But a photo of her finish has caused a sensation online, thanks to a police officer who kept her going when she was about to give up. The race in Louisville, Kentucky, was another milestone for Ford, who has lost 217 pounds in her quest to live a healthier life for her children. According to CNN affiliate WAVE-TV, Ford […]

  • raven

    Unusual equation: Ravens’ John Urschel is a math whiz, publishes high-level research paper

    (CNN) — As an offensive guard for the Baltimore Ravens, John Urschel already has a lot on his plate. He regularly goes head to head with the top defensive players in the NFL and does his best to keep quarterback Joe Flacco out of harm’s way. But besides his endeavors on the field, Urschel also keeps up another demanding pursuit that is rarely associated with NFL players: mathematical research. Not content with the respect of the locker room, he also […]

  • ted cruz

    ‘I’m running for President.’ Sen. Ted Cruz to appear at Liberty University

    (CNN) — Ted Cruz is first out the gate. The first-term senator from Texas announced early Monday he is running for president. Cruz announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in a 30-second video message in a tweet shortly after midnight Monday. Later in the day, he will appear at Virginia’s Liberty University, the largest Christian university in the world, where he will make his in-person declaration. “I’m running for President and I hope to earn your support!” Cruz […]

  • walmartfight

    One dead, two shot in 17-person brawl with police in Walmart parking lot

    COTTONWOOD, AZ — One of the nine suspects was killed. Another was shot in the stomach. All eight responding officers were injured, including one 10-year veteran who required surgery. It’s the aftermath of an all-out melee in a Walmart parking lot in Cottonwood, Arizona, a town of 11,000 people about an hour’s drive south of Flagstaff. But details are murky outside of the injury and arrest reports. Cottonwood Police Involved in Shooting, Arizona DPS Investigating See release here: http://t.co/1nxdEV5RE0 #DPSNews pic.twitter.com/oESwhUmFYF […]

  • Intersection reopens after tanker truck flips over in Chesapeake

    Chesapeake, Va. – The intersection of Bainbridge Blvd. and Freeman Ave. reopened at 3am Monday morning after a tanker truck flipped over Sunday night. Crews worked for many hours to clean up the accident. Police say the cause of the crash is unknown, and the driver did not report any injuries.

  • yemen

    U.S. pulling last Special Operations forces out of Yemen

    SANAA, Yemen (CNN) — The U.S. military is in the process of evacuating about 100 Special Operations forces members from the Al Anad airbase in Yemen due to that country’s deteriorating security situation, sources in the region familiar with the situation told CNN. Those being evacuated are the last American troops stationed in the Arab nation, which is home to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the terrorist group also known as AQAP. The United States closed its embassy in […]

  • deg1

    What’s it like to land on a (much smaller) French aircraft carrier?

    We see a lot of aircraft carriers here in Hampton Roads, but what's it like to land on the much smaller French carrier Charles de Gaulle?

  • uva1

    Investigation into controversial UVA arrest could take weeks, official says

    CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia (CNN) — The investigation into what happened to an African-American student who suffered a gash on his forehead while being arrested could take weeks, Virginia’s public safety secretary said Friday at a campus forum at the University of Virginia. “It’s important for you to know that being a thorough investigation, it could take time, even weeks,” Secretary Brian Moran told students at UVA. “We ask for your patience.” The incident early Wednesday involved uniformed alcohol control agents and […]

  • whale2

    Woman has whale of a tale to tell after friends film her getting slapped by a fin

    This is no fish tale. Chelsea Crawford from Nova Scotia was out whale watching with friends in Baja California in Mexico when a pod of whales began following the boat. The whales began playing near them when an tail fin knock Chelsea in the head. “It’s normal in this area. We were in a lagoon and so they’re very friendly,” she told CTV News. “The whale wasn’t aggressive or anything, and these tours happen all day all the time. The whales are used to it. It was […]

  • funkgif

    ‘Uptown Funk’ treadmill dance a viral hit

    Some people find it challenging to even walk on a treadmill – then there’s this guy. Carson Dean posted this video of himself dancing on a treadmill to “Uptown Funk”, even throwing in a fancy flip on the handle bars. Maybe he can tour with the Fleet Forces band.

  • airport2

    Now airports want to hike fees

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Attention flyers: Airports are calling for higher fees. Fliers already have to pay the airlines for extra leg room and checked bags. And the TSA collects its fees. Fliers also pay a facility fee to use the airports every time they buy a plane ticket. Congress set a cap for them at $4.50 in 2000. Now the airports say they need more money, and they’re lobbying lawmakers to hike those fees to as much as $8.50. […]


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