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  • v2

    Artist captures nine months of pregnancy in a six-second Vine

    Artist Ian Padgham captured a woman’s nine-month pregnancy in this remarkable six-second video. The video captures the mother from early stages of pregnancy, two frames at a time, all the way until you see the newborn in her arms. CLICK HERE to see more of Padgham’s interesting Vines.

  • dolls1

    Woman with life-like dolls arrested for trespassing at hospital

    MERCED, Calif. (CNN) — A woman accused of bringing life-like dolls into a California hospital has been arrested. TV station KFSN was interviewing Tonya Whitney Boehs at Mercy Medical Center when detectives interrupted and told her she’s accused of trespassing. But right before that happened, she said that it was a misunderstanding and that she never meant to scare anyone. Boehs says she hasn’t left her apartment since Monday. That’s when Mercy Medical Center sent out two pictures depicting Boehs and […]

  • disease1

    Rare disease from medicine cabinet claims young mother’s life

    Kalamazoo, Mich. – A Michigan family is sharing their story of a young mother who was struck down by a disease that many don’t know about. 24-year-old Cassandra Campbell’s family says she got the disease from some medicine she was taking for a bug bite, which spread quickly and took over her body, eventually killing her, according to Fox17. The disease is called Stevens Johnson Syndrome or SJS. It’s an extremely rare disease that is most commonly caused by antibiotics […]

  • rocket1

    Experimental SpaceX rocket explodes over Texas

    (CNN) – A small rung on a long ladder to Mars broke on Friday, when a rocket test in Texas ended in a midair ball of fire. Debris from the SpaceX F9R trundled down from the flames onto an open field outside of McGregor. The blast was no accident, nor a tragedy. The rocket self-destructed as a safety measure – a common practice in the aerospace industry in unmanned crafts. A hitch in the F9R test vehicle turned up during […]

  • Elizabeth River whale likely died from blunt force trauma, plastic in its stomach

    Early this afternoon the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Team arrived on the scene of the sei whale’s newest location along the shore of St. Julien’s Creek, where other officials had reported it motionless.

  • e5b

    ‘Aggressive’ Chinese fighter jet flies dangerously close to Navy P-8 Poseidon

    A Chinese fighter jet made several "dangerous" and "unprofessional" passes at a U.S. Navy plane this week - coming as close as 20 feet at one point -- in what the White House called a "deeply concerning provocation."

  • sitter1

    The babysitter costs HOW much?

    It seems like a parental dream: A college-educated babysitter shows up, leads your kids through homework, dinnertime and a masterpiece art project, cleans the house and then gives you a report card of how the evening went.

  • squat1

    Squatters move into man’s house, change locks and refuse to leave 

    Portland, Ore. — A man who recently purchased a home was surprised to learn a family had moved ahead of him and changed the locks. Rod Nylund said he learned of the occupants, presumably squatters, last week when a contractor arrived at the home to find it occupied, according to KPTV. Nylund called police and confronted the occupants, but the police officer said there was nothing he could do. Nyuland’s realtor discovered the couple had also started utility services in their names. “It’s kind of […]

  • copot2

    Tourists flock to Colorado to smoke legal weed

    "We have a flow of tour buses coming in every day now," said Toni Fox, owner of 3D Cannabis Center, a Denver dispensary with an influx of Japanese and Saudi tourists. "We even get charter buses from Texas!"

  • stab2

    Norfolk Police arrest woman wanted for Thursday morning stabbing

    UPDATE: Norfolk Police say Krystin Holloway was arrested Friday without incident. Norfolk, Va. – Police are searching for 25-year-old Krystin E. Holloway after an early morning stabbing in the 3500 block of East Ocean View Ave. Norfolk Police and Fire Rescue responded around 3pm and found an adult woman suffering from a non-life threatening stab wound. The woman told police Holloway stabbed her during an argument, then ran away before police arrived. The victim declined medical treatment at the scene. […]

  • teentablet

    Parents turn in 13-year-old daughter after finding nude pics on her cell and tablet

    A Dinwidde County mother and father were so shocked by what they found on their daughter’s cell phone they called the sheriff’s department.

  • 3b

    Former USS Saratoga on final voyage to scrapyard

    The former USS Saratoga, a part of the Navy's carrier fleet from 1956 to 1994, is being towed down the Atlantic Seaboard by tugboat at about 7 mph.


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