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  • e3b

    Design firm hopes levitating appliances will take off

    The mysterious art of floating has until now been largely confined to ultra-specialist industry applications and magician tricks.

  • 6b

    Photos: Electrifying snapshots of lightning

    (CNN) – When a photographer is at the right place at the right time, a lightning show can be absolutely magical. Seattle photographer Tim Durkan remembers the time he stood in a rainstorm for 90 minutes waiting for the perfect lightning shot. His clothes and his camera were soaked, but he said he loved the experience. “The crowd of about 50 people were literally cheering each and every lightning strike!” Durkan said, describing the group of amazed photographers. While the […]

  • medipot

    Medical marijuana laws may reduce painkiller overdoses

    States that have legalized marijuana for managing chronic pain have significantly fewer deaths from prescription painkiller overdoses each year, according to a new study.

  • t4

    ZAP! Photographer captures people’s reactions to being tased – in slo-motion

    When a photographer asks to take your picture, usually all you have to do is smile and say “Cheese.” But Patrick Hall had something more in mind. He filmed people’s reactions as they were tased with a handheld stun gun:

  • rainbowzap

    This is literally the most shocking rainbow video you’ll see this summer

    BLAIKEN, STORUMAN, Sweden – This is Mother Nature’s reminder that you need a storm to form a rainbow. “In the peace and quiet, I try to shoot [a] rainbow [as it] begins to grow after [a] thunderstorm had passed,” the person who posted the video on YouTube this week wrote. “Good thing, no one was hurt.”

  • dennys

    Denny’s opens in NYC with $300 version of the Grand Slam breakfast

    The Grand Cru Slam takes the storied combination of bacon, pancakes and eggs and adds a bottle of 2003 vintage Dom Perignon champagne. The meal also comes with a high five from the bartender.

  • rockeypatrick2

    Patrick’s weekend forecast: Heat, humidity, a few storms

  • abs

    Why ab workouts are a waste of time

    (CNN) – You’ve been trying forever to get that elusive six-pack: the holy grail of fitness goals. None of the gizmos and doodads advertised online or on TV have worked, so you figure it’s time to sign up for that 30-minute abs class at the gym. Heck, what could be better for getting washboard abs than doing 9 million crunches, reverse crunches, twisting crunches, crunches with someone holding your feet, crunches with someone sitting on your chest, crunches with a […]

  • google1

    Google reveals it’s been testing secret drone delivery for two years

    The technology giant started running its first test flights earlier this month as part of Project Wing, a secretive, 2-year-old program exploring drone delivery.

  • g1

    Small company hopes to sell the Navy on small, stealthy Ghost warship

    (CNN) – Gregory Sancoff thinks he knows what the Navy needs, even before U.S. war planners do. The Navy, he says, needs Ghost. Sancoff is CEO of Juliet Marine Systems – maker of a futuristic-looking, 21st-century warship that he says can protect large Navy ships from attacks by small boats. Simply put, Ghost looks a lot like an F-117 “stealth” attack jet – on skis. A year after unveiling Ghost and pricing it at $10 million per boat, the Navy […]

  • b1

    Scammer convicted of crashing million-dollar Bugatti into a marsh for insurance money

    (CNN) – A dealer of high end cars named Andy House faces serious jail time after he was convicted this week of crashing a million-dollar Bugatti for the $2.2 million insurance policy he’d taken out. Video of the crash shot by onlookers gawking at the exotic supercar was pivotal in his conviction. House first told police he dropped his cell phone, reached for it, and upon sitting back up was distracted by a low flying pelican, which he tried to […]

  • breastfeeding1

    Why are we still so squeamish about breastfeeding?

    Editor’s note: Kelly Wallace is CNN’s digital correspondent and editor-at-large covering family, career and life. She is a mom of two girls.  (CNN) – Every time I hear about another case of a woman breastfeeding her baby in a restaurant, department store or on a plane who is asked to cover up, head to the bathroom or leave altogether, I wonder why in 2014 we remain so incredibly uncomfortable with breastfeeding in public. In one of the most recent examples […]


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