Marie Coronel is a general assignment reporter for Newschannel 3.

Prior to joining WTKR, Marie was a reporter and a fill-in-anchor at WHAG-TV, the NBC affiliate in Hagerstown, Maryland. Aside from her general assignment reporting duties, Marie also spent two years covering Maryland’s General Assembly.

Before moving to Maryland, Marie was an assignment editor at KTNV-TV, the ABC affiliate in Las Vegas, Nevada.

But, Marie’s done more than just tv news, she’s also spent time working at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, as well as reporting and anchoring for KCSN 88.5 FM, in Los Angeles.

This San Diego, California native is a graduate of the California State University, Northridge, but is proud to call Hampton Roads her new home. Marie holds degrees in broadcast journalism and political science.

She is an active member of the Asian American Journalists Association and the Radio Television News Director’s Association.

When she’s not reporting, Marie roots for her hometown teams, the San Diego Chargers and the San Diego Padres. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends. Marie is also involved with the Filipino-American community.

Recent Articles
  • Woman who crashed into state trooper had recent series of drug arrests on record

    Police say Billinda Colonna slammed into Sgt. Vernon Smith earlier this morning. Smith was guarding the Gilmerton Bridge construction project. Investigators say Colonna was driving drunk. They say she had a blood alcohol level of .08. Her blood was taken, and they’re waiting to see if there was anything else in her system. But Colonna has gotten in trouble with the law before; her most recent arrest involves drugs. NewsChannel 3 told you about her arrest last May when Colonna, […]

  • Students from the Governors School for the Arts chalking in the middle of Granby Street. (Todd Corillo)

    Block party tonight in Downtown Norfolk

    Drivers may park in downtown Norfolk city lots for only $2 today starting at 5 p.m. The block party is from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m.

  • 7-year-old honored in Beach for saving grandmother’s life

    Today wasn’t an ordinary day for seven-year-old Tige Lyons. How often does a third grader get a life-saving award from the Mayor of Virginia Beach live during Kempsville Elementary’s morning announcements? And Tige got that award for helping his grandmother Delores Herrit who slipped and fell on their deck last March.  He adds,”I was sleeping and I heard a boom noise. I didn’t know what it was, and then I saw her on the floor.” Tige called for help and stayed […]

  • Body found in Smithfield park

    According to Smithfield officials, the body of 29-year-old Andre Scott was found Thursday morning at Cypress Creek in Windsor Castle Park, near the pier located at 301 Jericho Road.

  • Two wanted for questioning in Virginia Beach homicide

    Virginia Beach police need help tracking down these suspects for various crimes, and also for questioning in a recent homicide.

  • Flood damages several cars at Riverlands Apartment Complex

    Kevin Ledbetter, a resident, describes the parking lot of the Riverlands Apartment complex in Newport News. Ledbetter says,” Just getting it in 2-3 days back-to-back, it’s crazy it’s hard on everybody.” Though the lot has dried up, many people have now lost their way around town. He adds, “Everybody’s just coming together, trying to help each other out, the cars that are running, people are giving them rides to work, stuff like that. You have to do what you have […]

  • Man arrested for allegedly having meth making materials in car

    State Police say Ray Lacks was driving around town with the makings of a meth lab in his black pick-up truck. HAZMAT crews spent hours decontaminating Lacks and his truck, backing up traffic on Jefferson Avenue and Fort Eustis Boulevard Monday afternoon. Inside the truck, crews found Drano, over-the-counter medicine and tubing commonly used for making meth. Police say Lacks crashed into a car, hitting a State Trooper’s car as he was trying to get away from Police. Investigators say […]

  • Cars get stuck on Monticello and Princess Anne in Norfolk

    After heavy rain in Hampton Roads, Monticello and Princess Anne were under water in Norfolk. Several cars were stuck in the water and had to be towed away. The 7-Eleven was flooded out. The water was so deep it reached the gas pumps. The water already reaching the gas pumps. And it was the same case at 21st and Colley Avenue. Some drivers took the chance driving through flooded streets. That ended with cars sinking under water.

  • Teens accused of making bottle bombs, dumping them in Beach neighborhood

    Virginia Beach Firefighters believe three teenage boys, all 15 years old, made bottle bombs and dumped them in the Birnam Woods neighborhood. Investigators say they found eight bottles. Neighbors tell NewsChannel 3 they heard loud noises earlier this morning, but didn’t know what it was. Steven Whalen, a neighbor, adds “We heard two shots go off. I thought they were gun shots.” A homeowner, who does not want to be identified, says she woke up to find her grill in […]

  • Salem High grad pleads guilty to driving drunk after crash

    Nineteen-year-old Carter Womick may have to spend the next 16 years in jail for a decision he made on the night he graduated from Salem High School. Today, he pleaded guilty to driving drunk, nearly killing his passenger, 16-year-old Meghan Gerety last June. Last summer, he left his graduation party with Gerety. The two went to get cigarettes and slammed into a tree on their way back to his Salem Woods home. The impact was so strong that Gerety was […]

  • Summerfield arraigned in Dare County

    Nate Summerfield wore an orange jumpsuit, avoiding cameras as he was driven back to jail. He was arraigned on his first-degree murder charge in Dare County. Summerfield is accused of strangling and stabbing his ex-girlfriend Lynn Jackenheimer, during their vacation with her kids on the Outer Banks on 4th of July weekend. Sheriff’s deputies say Summerfield dropped off the kids in Ohio and disappeared. Lynn never made it back home. Summerfield’s brother says Summerfield hinted that he had killed Lynn […]

  • Men wanted for allegedly shooting at Beach homes

    Police say two men drove to the Hill Meadow neighborhood Friday night. They got out of their car and started shooting, hitting homes right next to each other. Though police can’t say why, neighbors believe this was intentional. Now, police are looking for the suspects who sped out of the neighborhood after the shooting. MPO Jimmy Barnes says, “It’s important for us to try and get them off the street before this happens again in another neighborhood or to another […]