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For several years, Laurie Simmons has been in front of the camera, reporting and anchoring all over the Southeast. Now, she is happy to bring her Emmy award-winning reporting to Hampton Roads, always ready to hit the streets for the next big story. Laurie joined Newschannel 3 in May of 2011.

Prior to landing in Norfolk, Laurie worked in Pensacola, Florida. During her time there, she covered several high profile stories, including the 2010 BP Oil Spill. Laurie was on the front lines of the crisis, reporting from the beaches, from the air, and from the seas. She also did several investigative reports on the potential health impacts, and kept BP's feet to the fire by exposing the gaps in their clean-up process.

Laurie first started out on-air in Columbus, Georgia as a Political, Military and Crime Reporter. She got very involved in the Army community at Fort Benning while covering news on post, and extensively reported on the 2008 Presidential elections. During her time there, she also won two GABBY Awards from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters, both in the category of Best News Story.

Laurie is a graduate of American University in Washington, DC and member of the Delta Gamma Fraternity. When she's not reporting the news, Laurie loves to spend time with family and friends, relax on the beach, or read a good book. She is an avid CrossFitter and also a big soccer fan, having played all her life growing up. A proud Army wife, she lives in Hampton with her husband Billy, and their dogs, Samson and Hercules.

Recent Articles
  • 58 new police officers in Virginia Beach? City says no thanks

    College Beach Weekend 2013 was the wake-up call. Virginia Beach Police didn't want a repeat, so they saturated the Oceanfront this year—and Beach Weekend 2014 was a success.

  • Sen. Mark Warner lobbies for reinstatement of F-22 Raptor ‘whistleblower’

    It’s been two years since two Virginia Air National Guard pilots stationed in Hampton Roads came forward as whistleblowers about oxygen problems aboard F-22 Raptors.

  • 1b

    Why won’t elected officials hire more Beach cops?

    Virginia Beach's top cop asked to hire nearly 60 new officers at the Oceanfront, Town Center and in some of the community's hard working neighborhoods. But elected officials say no.

  • Wounded warrior’s wife targeted on “Dependa” shaming pages

    Almost 80,000 people clicked on WTKR.com in the past five days to watch the story about military wives who said they were being bullied by "Dependa" shaming Facebook pages. One of the bullied women was a wounded warrior's wife.

  • hippos

    Bullying or Fun? Military spouses go to battle over “Dependa” on Facebook

    The stereotypes existed for years...but now, they've moved out of the base housing complexes and commissaries, and into the world of Facebook, where anything goes.

  • bully1

    Who would bully military wives online?

    Fatty. Ugly. Leech. They’re insults you’d expect to hear on the playground at school. However they are actually aimed at military wives on some social media sites, including terms like ‘tag chasers’ or ‘dependa-potamus’ Some are outraged. Others say the wives should just ‘toughen up’ Click here for our full report: Bullying or Fun? Military spouses go to battle over “Dependa” on Facebook      

  • Army Strong: Laurie Simmons takes on dare from Fort Eustis soldiers

    They are some of the Army’s quickest, strongest, and fittest…and then there is me. I thought I was in shape until I was invited to work out with 48 of the Army’s newest Master Fitness Trainers. For the past four weeks, these men and women have been working to become experts in the exercises that make up the Army’s Physical Readiness Training (PRT) program. Take a look at how I stacked up.

  • No pothole is safe around this guy

    Potholes, beware! It’s spring and the “Pothole Hunter” is in town. Phil Itkwick is the brain child of VDOT’s communications department. Lennie Tierney and Rob Monroe came up with the character in 2010, to help educate the public about reporting potholes. Over the past 4 years, the duo produced three different videos. The latest, released at the beginning of April, tells the tale of the Pothole Hunter’s early years. Their success is helping VDOT get their messages out to the […]

  • Congress to decide between funding technology or troops and their families

    Less money in your paycheck, while paying more housing costs out of pocket. Higher costs for Tricare while also spending more for groceries at the commissary. This all could become the new normal for service members and their families, if the Joint Chiefs of Staff gets their way. The top officers from each branch of the military will take their case to Congress in May, in a special hearing in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee. They plan to […]

  • What’s in VDOT’s six-year improvement plan?

    Over the next six years, VDOT plans on spending more than $13 billion on major transportation projects around the state. So could we see a 3rd crossing to help congestion at the HRBT and Monitor-Merrimac? What about the expansion of the High-Rise Bridge? Or even a light-rail extension to the Oceanfront or to Naval Station Norfolk? Well, don’t get your hopes up. None of those big transportation projects on the Hampton Roads wish list have been included in the Draft Six-Year […]

  • NewsChannel 3

    TSA stops activations of new TWIC cards

    Beginning Saturday April 26th, new Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) pick-ups, activations, and PIN number resets will be put on hold, until Sunday, May 4th.

  • Beach police say high speed pursuit of pharmacy murder suspect followed policy

    Beach Police say he robbed two stores at gunpoint, murdered a beloved Beach pharmacist, then failed to stop when officers tried to pull him over.