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Kurt Williams is an anchor here at NewsChannel 3.

His broadcasting career began at Georgia State University s WRAS Radio where he worked as News Director. While class work and News Director duties took up a lot of his time Kurt didn t think it was enough so he also took on duties at community radio station WREG as well as Cable DeKalb, an Atlanta community affairs channel. At that time, Kurt also took on an internship at WXIA-TV that eventually turned into his first paying job in television at the assignment desk.

From there, Kurt moved to Chattanooga, TN where he worked as a Producer, Weekend Anchor, Reporter, Editor and Prompter Operator, often all in the same day, for WDEF-TV. Kurt then came to Your NewsChannel 3. As you may have noticed Kurt is a bit of a workaholic but as he says "you have to be in this business."

And that s exactly the advice he passes on to anyone interested in a career in television news, saying "get as much experience as you can, work at your school newspaper, radio station, TV station, run the church video camera, do internships and make sure you master your grammar, geography and speaking skills, oh yeah and read the newspaper every day." In his spare time Kurt likes to hang out at the beach, go fishing and lift weights. He lives with his wife and three daughters in Virginia Beach.

Recent Articles
  • People Taking Action: Dedicated teacher uses his money to feed kids

    Brian Sarmiento at Kemps Landing Magnet School seemed puzzled when our cameras showed up in the school’s cafeteria. Noah, the student who wrote us an email, and a handful of fellow 6th graders started collecting goodies for their teacher. They discovered Mr. Sarmiento was dipping into his own pockets, including getting that part-time job, to make sure he could provide snacks for students participating in after school activities. They also raised $350 for the teacher’s snack fund. It all left […]

  • 92-year-old Volunteer: ‘Makes me feel good to realize I’ve helped somebody’

    Edith Brown, 92, didn’t know what to think when we showed up with our cameras. I told her we had been hearing some good things about her, causing her to respond with a laugh, “Well, I’m glad. Look, I’m too old to be bad!” Edith Brown is a part of the “Feed the Hungry Crew” at  First Church of Newport News Baptist. She is their oldest volunteer. “I do all the shopping. I go to the Foodbank and shop. I go to Costco and shop. I go […]

  • People Taking Action: ‘It’s just my heart. I want to do things for other people’

    A burst of applause for a stunned Mavis Dixon. We surprised the beloved registrar at her job at Point Option High School in Newport News. She was guided back to a classroom where we were hiding along with relatives, co-workers and some students who all yelled surprise! Mavis didn’t know what to think, “I don’t know, my heart’s going a 100 miles an hour.” In addition to a dedicated school employee, she’s passionate about community service.  I told her we had received an email […]

  • People Taking Action: Two Franklin officers battle flames to save lives

    Today, we honored two Franklin heroes who helped to save two women from a fire. With the help of the Franklin Police Department we went into their headquarters for a  surprise. Magdeline Jenkins came with thank you cards for Officer Quentin Livingston and Sgt. Todd Lyons. As soon as they walked into the conference room where we were waiting, Jenkins greeted them with hugs and the two officers soon realized why they had been summoned by their bosses. Last month, […]

  • Students getting ready for robot competition in Hampton

    Students at Hampton’s Phoebus High are ready for competition. The challenge: Get a robot that they designed and built in class to pick up a large, rubber ball, which did not always go smoothly and then successfully throw it over a goal and score for their team. Students like 14-year-old Hunter Lawrence say, “It’s pretty cool to know you’re building the program that actually makes the robot run.” It started with a design and it’s in the concept and design phases […]

  • People Taking Action: Norfolk mother takes action and earns nickname the ‘runner’

    Shanna Branum, a volunteer at Tarrallton Elementary, greeted us with cheers when we entered the classroom where she was helping with our cameras rolling, but she’s not the nominee. Our People Taking Action nominee is Tanya Reynolds, a volunteer, mother of four and she’s at the school Monday through Friday. Shanna was one of the people who nominated Tanya and got a little emotional about it as she was reading her nomination letter about Tanya. “She is an amazing mother […]

  • Head custodian at Thalia Elementary takes action for students

    Today, NewsChannel 3 recognized the head custodian at a Beach elementary school who is doing great things for students and making a real difference.

  • Hampton assistant principal takes action to help feed students

    NewsChannel 3 took action to recognize an assistant principal in Hampton who is taking action to make sure kids are fed even when they're not in school.

  • polarplunge

    People Taking Action: Kids from area schools take the plunge for Special Olympics

    It’s called the Cool School Challenge. A day before the grown-ups go in, kids from local schools take the icy plunge at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. These are kids that have been busy raising money for Special Olympics Virginia. So far, students at Virginia Beach’s Kemp’s Landing Magnet School have raised more than $14,000. Eighth  grader Sonia Deshmukh says it’s an amazing feeling making a difference.  “It feels really good. I mean that’s like the only way I can put it.” Seventy-one kids from […]

  • mcauliffe

    Gov. McAuliffe: Midtown/Downtown Tunnel tolls ‘too high’

    “The tolls are too high.” Those words came from Virginia’s new governor, Terry McAuliffe in his State of the Commonwealth speech on Monday. He wants changes and that wasn’t the only breaking news he had for Hampton Roads! “Let me say one thing about tolls and specifically tolls affecting the citizens who must cross the Elizabeth River to get from Norfolk to Portsmouth…” said McAuliffe. For the folks who regularly use the Downtown and Midtown Tunnels, what came next out […]

  • Beach woman continues her crusade to help the homeless

    It's tough for anyone to be out during extremely low temperatures but this bitter cold is particularly harsh on the homeless. One woman is working to help those in need.

  • People Taking Action: Six-year-old donates toys to CHKD

    This week’s People Taking Action recipient is only six-years-old and she’s already making a difference in the lives of those who need to be cheered up most.


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