Kurt Williams is an anchor here at NewsChannel 3.

His broadcasting career began at Georgia State University s WRAS Radio where he worked as News Director. While class work and News Director duties took up a lot of his time Kurt didn t think it was enough so he also took on duties at community radio station WREG as well as Cable DeKalb, an Atlanta community affairs channel. At that time, Kurt also took on an internship at WXIA-TV that eventually turned into his first paying job in television at the assignment desk.

From there, Kurt moved to Chattanooga, TN where he worked as a Producer, Weekend Anchor, Reporter, Editor and Prompter Operator, often all in the same day, for WDEF-TV. Kurt then came to Your NewsChannel 3. As you may have noticed Kurt is a bit of a workaholic but as he says “you have to be in this business.”

And that s exactly the advice he passes on to anyone interested in a career in television news, saying “get as much experience as you can, work at your school newspaper, radio station, TV station, run the church video camera, do internships and make sure you master your grammar, geography and speaking skills, oh yeah and read the newspaper every day.” In his spare time Kurt likes to hang out at the beach, go fishing and lift weights. He lives with his wife and three daughters in Virginia Beach.

Recent Articles
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    People Taking Action: Newport News nurse takes action for the homeless

    Newport News, Va. – She is a local nurse, who after caring for her patients, doesn’t stop there. She’s out in the community taking action for the homeless as well. We went and surprised her at her office in Newport News. Kim Liebold works as a nurse practitioner with Riverside Medical Group. With the help of a co-worker, we snuck in and surprised her in a conference room, she joked, “What did I do? Did I get fired?” She asked […]

  • church bell

    Historic Williamsburg church prepares for big celebration for Black History Month

    One of the country’s oldest African-American churches right here in Hampton Roads is gearing up for a huge celebration. The First Baptist Church of Williamsburg will celebrate its 240th anniversary with the ringing of its restored church bell, which has been quiet for decades.

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    People Taking Action: Dancing Dave

    Over the years, he’s been found at a local I-HOP and at Norfolk Scope during an Admirals game always eager to perform, dancing or singing. Recently, 89-year-old David Kennedy has been spotted at Wesley United Methodist Church at their weekly community dinners. Joe Floyd, who helps coordinate those dinners, says Kennedy is always eager to put on show. “Dave is always trying to serve someone else. He never tries to pat himself on the back,” says Floyd. But NewsChannel 3 […]

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    People Taking Action: Dad, husband, full-time employee, but still finds time to coach multiple teams!

    He’s a dad, husband, works full time at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard and still finds time to coach on multiple teams. I showed up at one of the practices of Coach Kenneth Banks II to surprise him. I spotted him on the court surrounded by a bunch of 6, 7 and 8-year-olds with one girl hanging off his back. I spoke with one team member, 7-year-old Rome Eggleston, who was quite emphatic why she likes Coach Banks. “He’s….he’s like an ordinary coach only better!” […]

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    People Taking Action: Knitting for a purpose

    We are shining our spotlight on the leader of a church knitting group in Virginia Beach, called Keep Me In Stitches.

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    People Taking Action: NC teacher encourages students, gives back to community

    Moyock, NC – NewsChannel 3 is recognizing one pretty special teacher in Moyock, North Carolina who is impacting lives both in the classroom and outside of it. NewsChannel 3’s Kurt Williams, along with Laura Hughes husband and children, walked in and surprised her on the job. The superintendent and principal were also there. She was trying to figure out why everyone was there. “I’m trying to piece together all these wonderful people and why they’re in my classroom,” said a […]

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    People Taking Action: Chesapeake breast cancer survivor pays it forward

    She's a local cancer survivor who is helping others in their battle with this potentially deadly disease, so Newschannel 3's Kurt Williams showed up unannounced at one of her support group meetings to surprise her with a People Taking Action award.

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    People Taking Action: Portsmouth teacher’s assistant fighting cancer continues to inspire students

    Portsmouth, Va. – We shine our spotlight on Miche Alston, a Portsmouth middle school teacher’s assistant who volunteers after school and is the mother of a two-year-old all while battling cancer. When we walked into her classroom with our cameras rolling, she was a little shocked. We explained that we received an email about her from civics teacher Karla Jakubowski. She read a portion of her email. “I am writing to you today to nominate a very special lady, Miche Alston, […]

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    Elementary school student organizes candy campaign for troops

    Virginia Beach, Va. – It was a huge amount of candy–bags and bags of treats were brought in by the kids at Virginia Beach’s John B. Dey Elementary, but it wasn’t for them to enjoy. Fourth grader Lauren Fenty had an idea. “I wrote a letter out to my school and almost everyone replied and they started bringing in, like pounds of candy.” This is a portion of that letter: “And I would like to support those military men and women […]

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    People Taking Action: Currituck dentist offers free services to veterans

    Currituck, NC – A Currituck dentist is doing something amazing for veterans. Patrick Morgan with Morgan Family Dentistry is offering free tooth extractions to military veterans in honor of Veteran’s Day next week. “It means a lot to say thank you because I think a lot of us take for granted the freedom that we have in this country,” says Morgan. Morgan will be offering these services on Friday. This is not just for veterans in Currituck County. All you need […]

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    People Taking Action: Newport News man turns his life around, takes action for kids

    Newport News, Va. – We shine our People Taking Action spotlight on a Newport News man proving good things are coming out of a community that often gets overshadowed by negativity. In the process, he’s helping kids start their day with a big smile. Near Ninth and Ivey Streets in the east end section of Newport News, you’ll find Thomas Green and a bunch of neighborhood kids. Monday through Friday, the kids count on him for free snacks and juice, […]

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    People Taking Action: Currituck High School senior raises $100,000 for kids battling cancer

    Currituck County, NC – NewsChannel 3 recognized a very special high school senior who is taking action to put smiles on the faces of kids who are fighting for their lives. We received an email about Mary Kate Morgan, a Currituck County High School senior and the founder of the annual Kids Walk for Kids with Cancer. Mary Kate has been organizing fundraisers since she was in the 6th grade. She has raised a total of $100,000 for pediatric research. Susan […]