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  • Missed Calls, Voice mail or Google Voice?

    We may not use our smartphones as phones as much as we did previously, but when push comes to shove, it’s still a phone.  And when we miss calls, we have voice mail.  But did you know Android phones have their own voice mail app available to you?  Now I know a lot of you might say ‘well my carrier has visual voice mail’.  That’s great!  Um, but that’s what Google’s voice mail app is as well!  It’s called Google […]

  • Free Stuff: Free Bag of Lindor Truffles

    Free Bag of Lindor Truffles

  • battery life

    Plug it in! Battery Saving Tips For Android

    We live on our smartphones.  It’s a small computer in the palm of our hands and we want to be able to use it when we need it.  But there’s that pesky battery.  And with bigger screens and faster connections (4G/LTE) that battery can drain in only a few hours.  So what can you do to have more juice? Here are some tips that may help. First, change your brightness level.  If you’re not out in the sun a lot, […]

  • Free Stuff: T.G.I. Friday’s coupon – Free appetizer for downloading their mobile app

    T.G.I. Friday’s coupon – Free appetizer for downloading their mobile app

  • Got Apps? My top favorite must have Android apps

    So you have an Android phone.  Now you need apps.  But with so many to choose from where do you start? Here’s some of my must have apps.  1.)    A replacement browser.  The internet browser that comes with Android is nice and simple.  But for most of us, it’s just not enough.  If you’re on Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean (Android 4.0/4.1) you’re in luck!  You can get Google’s Chrome browser!  And it syncs with your home computer’s Chrome […]

  • Are you ready for a new phone?

    Yesterday a friend of mine was having some issues with his phone.  During the discussion, he asked if he had to get a new one, which one should he get?   It made me think.  There are a lot of really great phones out there right now.  He was limited to his carrier, so I gave my opinion.  And now I’m going to do it for you too. I am a Verizon Wireless customer.  I’ll put that out there first.  So […]

  • Cupcake to Jelly Bean: Android OS

    What version of Android do you have?  It’s not always something you can answer right away.  But just like the iPhone’s iOS 1/2/3/4/5 & now 6 – Android also has a hierarchy of operating systems. Most Android users are likely still on Gingerbread.  That’s Android version 2.3.x.  If you’re curious to know here’s how. Open your app drawer and click the Settings app. Scroll down to “About phone” and click it. You’ll see a lot of stuff here, but you’re […]

  • iLost: What you need to know about Android’s navigation

    So by now, you may have heard about some problems with Apple’s new iOS6 and their new maps/navigation.  Earlier this year, Apple parted ways with Google Maps, and decided to use their own mapping software.  It hasn’t been smooth.  I won’t go into their issues, but I will let you know about Android’s great navigation. First, it’s FREE!  It comes with every Android phone.  And, it works.  If you open up your app drawer and scroll over/down (depending on what […]

  • Android Vs. Droid

    The first thing – Android vs Droid.  I hear it all the time.  ‘What phone do you have?’  ‘I have a Droid’.  That’s only true about 30% of the time.   So what’s the difference?  Well Android is an operating system.  Think Windows.  A lot of computers run on windows.  A lot of phones run on Android.  The term “Droid” is licensed by Verizon.  It was attached to their first Android phone.  The Motorola Droid.  Remember those ‘Droid Does’ ads?  Yeah, […]

  • Hello World!

    Hi, this is my new blog.  I’m Joshua, the Executive Producer here at WTKR NewsChannel 3.  After a lot of pressure I’m writing a blog about Android. Friday is the big day for Apple fans, the release of the iPhone 5. But wait, I said Android right?  Well I’m not an Apple guy.  I wanted to be. I really did.  I was one of those people on Verizon, waiting, and waiting for the day the iPhone would be available for […]

  • Free Stuff: Free Piece of Fish at Long John Silvers 9/19

    Free Piece of Fish at Long John Silvers 9/19

  • Free Stuff

    Free Stuff: Carvel Ice Cream, Free Jr. Bonnet Ice Cream Cone. September 20th 3-7pm

    Carvel Ice Cream, Free Jr. Bonnet Ice Cream Cone. September 20th  3-7pm