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Award winning reporter Jessica Larche joined WTKR NewsChannel 3 in November 2010.

Before her journey in journalism led to Hampton Roads, Jessica spent nearly three years covering breaking news and investigating law enforcement and government in Jackson, Mississippi. Jessica's groundbreaking investigations into missing fire hydrants and her special reports on the shooting of little Sanaa Hill were recognized by the Mississippi Associated Press.

Jessica graduated summa cum laude after studying broadcast journalism at Florida A&M University in 2007. As the News Director of Tallahassee's 90.5 radio station, Jessica's documentaries on Hurricane Katrina and the death of Martin Lee Anderson won several William Randolph Hearst Awards. She also made history at FAMU as the first anchor of the FAMU News 20 at Five live newscast in the fall of 2007.

A New Orleans native, Jessica is a proud member of the Who Dat Nation as she cheers on the World Champion New Orleans Saints from hundreds of miles from home ("Who dat said they gon' beat 'dem Saints?!").

Jessica enjoys volunteering in the community as a member of the Hampton Roads Black Media Professionals, the National Association of Black Journalists and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. She is the past president of the Jackson Association of Black Journalists.

One of Jessica's favorite quotes is "Stories are remembered only if you tell them well". She looks forward to sharing memorable stories with NewsChannel 3 viewers for years to come.

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