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  • PitbullDachshund1

    Most unusual dog breed mix will surprise you!

    Rami, the Dachshund/ Pitbull mix sparks interest due to its unusual mix.

  • coastguard

    Woman transported to Norfolk hospital from cruise ship

    A woman was medevaced from a cruise ship this past Thursday due to health complications.

  • Man loses $25,000 in scam

    Man was told he won 3.5 million dollars, instead loses $25,000 in scam.

  • smilingrobbery

    Man wanted for robbing Suffolk Walmart at gunpoint

    Suffolk Police seeks public's assistance in identifying black male in armed robbery.

  • norfolk-sheriffs-office

    U.S. Marshals arrest felony abuse and child neglect suspect in Norfolk

    U.S. Marshals assists Norfolk Police Department in locating Felony Abuse and Child Neglect suspect in the Hampton Roads area.

  • college-photo_23815._445x280-zmm

    Christopher Newport University updates sexual misconduct policy

    Christopher Newport University makes changes to the sexual misconduct policy to encourage students to come forth with cases in which they have been sexually assaulted.

  • vi

    Man stabs himself in haunted house known for paranormal activity

    Villisca, Iowa- Paranormal encounters fascinate Americans. In fact, some tourists will actually pay money to visit or stay in haunted houses. But beware, it’s not all fun and games. One ghostly adventure took a turn for the worst for one Wisconsin resident. According to authorities, 37-year-old, Robert Steven Laursen Jr. stabbed himself while venturing inside Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, Iowa. The Montgomery County Sheriff, Joe Sampson told VICE News, Laursen arrived to the house with a group of friends […]

  • dd

    Realistic doll comes with acne and stretch marks

    Barbie is a household name. The doll is a symbol of beauty that many are introduced to as kids. However, a constant reoccurring issue continues to arise: Barbie dolls don’t give children a realistic illustration of women’s bodies. Nickolay Lamm has long heard of this dispute and created his own version of the average Barbie doll, Lammily. He used measurements from the CDC to build Lammily’s proportions. According to Lamm’s website, as of March 5, 2014, he had already raised […]

  • g6

    VIDEO & PICTURES: Artist creates glow-in-the-dark bicycle trail as a tribute to Van Gogh!

    Eindhoven, Netherlands-In 1889, renowned artist, Vincent van Gohg created Starry Night, one of the most iconic paintings in history. Now, one man has created a tribute to honor Gohg. Dutch artist, Daan Roosegaarde honored “Starry Night” by constructing a glowing bike path that opened on November 12, 2014. The path reproduced Gohg’s famous piece of artwork. The route is 650-yards long, with solar-powered LED lights incorporated into the cement. The trail stretches between Eindhoven and Neunen, Netherlands. Roosegaarde’s exhibit is […]

  • 4

    Video: Man who lost 160 pounds strips down to show excess skin

    John Glaud has been on a weight loss journey for quite some time now, but it wasn't until his recent update that has the internet going crazy.

  • thanksgiving

    Suffolk churches providing Thanksgiving dinner to the community

    For the past few years, the members of the Higher Calling Ministries & partnering churches have been attempting to do something remarkable- and this year their mission will finally be put to action.

  • Portsmouth bus drivers say nothing has changed even after protest

    Portsmouth, Va. – A Portsmouth school board meeting left bus drivers with no changes that they have requested for months. Last Monday, almost 40 bus drivers called in sick, which caused other bus drivers to double up on their routes, and resulting in late arrival for students. Board member Costella Williams stated that the administration has made sure another mass absence or “sick-out” won’t happen again. She says substitutes and possibly contracting out the bus drivers will be used as back-ups. […]


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