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  • Mother of Beach teen killed in weekend crash: “I can’t even feel like it’s real”

    Posted on: 7:00 pm, March 10, 2014, by and

    It was a six-car crash that happened late Saturday night on I-64 near Armistead Road in Hampton. Now, state police are asking witnesses to come forward with what they saw.
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  • Chesapeake police officers take action to find family a new place to live

    Posted on: 7:00 pm, March 6, 2014, by

    When a Chesapeake police officer met a three-year-old little girl named Andrea, he decided to take action and change her life.
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  • Pat-downs to be moved inside at Oceanfront bars

    Posted on: 6:00 pm, February 21, 2014, by , updated on: 06:41am, February 22, 2014

    David Livingston has a sliver of pavement to do security pat-downs. They're something he thinks is vital to the safety of his bar, The Cave.
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  • Police meet with community members, business owners about Beach safety

    Posted on: 6:47 pm, February 20, 2014, by

    Beach police met with members of the community and business owners to discuss how they could take action together to keep the beach safe during Beach Week.
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  • Beach School Board member wants make up days to be group decision in the future

    Posted on: 7:28 pm, February 19, 2014, by

    Saturday snow day make-ups are still on in Virginia Beach. It’s a decision that interim superintendent Dr. Sheila Magula made on her own and created outrage in the community.
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  • Norfolk father charged in 5-month-old daughter’s death

    Posted on: 11:16 am, February 18, 2014, by and , updated on: 05:34pm, February 18, 2014

    Norfolk Police have charged a 23-year-old father with the murder of his 5-month old daughter.
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  • VB School Board member drafts resolution to Saturday make up days

    Posted on: 6:36 pm, February 17, 2014, by and , updated on: 11:23pm, February 17, 2014

    Tons of backlash – that’s what prompted Virginia Beach School Board member Joel McDonald to draft a resolution to Dr. Magula’s decision to make up snow days on Saturdays.
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  • Rabbi upset about Saturday snow day make-ups in Virginia Beach

    Posted on: 7:21 pm, February 14, 2014, by , updated on: 04:08pm, February 15, 2014

    At a typical Bar Mitzvah at Beth Chaverim Synagogue, they expect around 100 people. But that number will likely not...
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  • Franklin woman charged with murder of 6-year-old son

    Posted on: 4:09 pm, February 13, 2014, by and , updated on: 06:38pm, February 13, 2014

    A 24-year-old Franklin woman was arrested Wednesday and charged with the murder of her six-year-old child.
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  • Storm Central: Gabriella reports live from Suffolk as winter storm moves in

    Posted on: 6:46 pm, February 12, 2014, by , updated on: 11:58pm, February 12, 2014

    As the third snow storm approached Suffolk, crews and residents were bracing for what could be a wintry mess this...
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  • Snow flurries in Virginia Beach

    Posted on: 3:28 pm, February 10, 2014, by and , updated on: 08:37pm, February 10, 2014

    Crews and residents are bracing for more snow this week in Virginia Beach.
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  • Virginia Beach Schools to have make-up snow days on Saturdays

    Posted on: 6:05 pm, February 6, 2014, by and , updated on: 05:31pm, February 7, 2014

    Virginia Beach Public Schools has announced make-up days for times students were not in school during inclement weather.
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