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  • Man accused of killing Norfolk mother found competent to stand trial

    Posted on: 8:47 pm, February 7, 2013, by

    Norfolk, Va. –Phylicia Robinson is the Norfolk woman who disappeared in October and was found dead a little more than...
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  • Norfolk Public Schools superintendent discusses plan for student safety

    Posted on: 1:09 pm, October 3, 2012, by and , updated on: 01:15pm, October 3, 2012

    As it stands now, daytime games only affect regular season football, for this year. What happens next year, according to the superintendent, is still being discussed.
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  • Labor Day is here, so are higher gas prices

    Posted on: 8:48 pm, August 31, 2012, by

    Gas prices are headed up and up, just in time for the Labor Day weekend. AAA says the average price...
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  • Music teacher, church choir director accused of sex abuse

    Posted on: 7:37 pm, August 30, 2012, by

    A Newport News man who teaches middle and high school students orchestra is accused of molesting one of his students...
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  • Firefighter saves three people during flood

    Posted on: 12:28 am, August 30, 2012, by , updated on: 12:30am, August 30, 2012

    JV Oliver, a 15-year veteran of the Carrollton Fire Department, knows how to rescue people in need. Last night, the...
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  • BMX biker hurt after crash on the Oceanfront

    Posted on: 10:36 pm, August 24, 2012, by

    A BMX biker took a bad fall on Thursday during practice and is now listed in critical condition. NewsChannel 3’s...
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  • JCC Police: 70 car thefts since May; same suspects

    Posted on: 7:30 pm, August 22, 2012, by , updated on: 08:35pm, August 22, 2012

      James City County police are hoping you’ll take action and help them find who has broken into 70 cars...
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  • Police reveal items stolen in string of Beach car break-ins

    Posted on: 7:30 pm, August 16, 2012, by

    Police are investigating a string of car break-ins in the Chick’s Beach area.  
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  • Tractor trailer involved in accident on I-64

    Posted on: 11:00 pm, August 15, 2012, by

    A truck driver reaching for a water bottle led to a crash early this morning. Police say the driver lost...
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  • Two in Elizabeth City charged with sex crimes involving a minor

    Posted on: 10:09 pm, August 9, 2012, by , updated on: 10:39pm, August 9, 2012

    Two people– including a man who is well-known in Elizabeth City– are both facing charges of sex crimes involving a...
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    Sex with Minor suspects
  • Taking Action: When will HRT replace a Norfolk bus shelter?

    Posted on: 11:22 pm, August 8, 2012, by , updated on: 11:52pm, August 8, 2012

    NewsChannel 3 took action to find out when a replacement bus stop shelter will be installed. This came after Hampton...
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  • Officials plan for direct route from Lynnhaven to Greenbrier Mall

    Posted on: 9:23 pm, August 3, 2012, by , updated on: 10:20pm, August 3, 2012

    How would you like to travel from Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach to Greenbrier Mall in Chesapeake in one straight...
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