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Blaine Stewart once had hair. It was real and it was spectacular. Most of it fell out when he arrived in Hampton Roads in 2007.

Much like Oprah’s best friend Gayle, Blaine has an impressive broadcasting background. He’s been a news anchor, reporter, weather anchor, producer and disc jockey at television and radio stations in Columbus, GA, Hattiesburg, MS, and his hometown of New Orleans.

When Blaine’s not anchoring the morning and Noon newscasts on WTKR and WGNT, you’ll find him working out (walking around the gym trying to look busy), brushing up on boy band trivia, and searching for the words “Blaine” and “Stewart” on the internet.
Blaine turns to loyal viewers, or “Blaine-iacs”, as he calls them, to describe him:

-“He thinks he’s funny, but he’s not. I don’t know how Jessica puts up with him.” (Jessica)

-“Three words: Messy. Bald. Queen.” (Several YouTube commenters)

-“You’re not getting an inheritance, so good luck.” (Susan, Blaine’s mom)

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    Blaine’s Box Office: Sausage Party

    Sausage Party is everything you would expect from a movie titled Sausage Party.

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    Blaine’s Box Office: Suicide Squad

    Blaine may be on vacation this week, but that didn't stop him from giving a scathing review for this week's movie choice: Suicide Squad.

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    Blaine’s Box Office: Star Trek Beyond

    Even if you know nothing about Star Trek, you'll still enjoy "Beyond"...

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    I want my MTV! “Music” channel turns 35 years old

    Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll. When those words were spoken on August 1, 1981, the world of popular music changed forever. Those were the first words spoken on MTV: Music Television, a revolutionary new cable television channel airing music videos, artist interviews, music news and more. MTV’s debut also gave birth to a new job title: The VJ. The cable music channel’s five original video jockeys, or VJs, acted just like disc jockeys on radio stations, introducing music videos, […]

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    Andy Cohen talks shelter animals, best friends and Blaine’s manscaping habits

    When Andy and Blaine get together, you can count on a few laughs.

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    Friday’s wacky animal roundup!

    "It's like me on the weekend: A furry thing on all fours with his head stuck in a jar of cheese puffs." - Blaine Stewart

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    Blaine’s Box Office: Ghostbusters

    This is not your dad’s Ghostbusters movie and that’s a good thing. The 2016 reboot packs a different kind of punch thanks to its cast. Can you ever go wrong with Melissa McCarthy? Throw in Saturday Night Live stars Kristen Wiig, Kate McKennon and Leslie Jones (who is HILARIOUS, by the way) and I couldn’t stop laughing. The movie does not stray far from the original premise. 27 years later, it’s cool to see how special effects have made the […]

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    Blaine’s Box Office: The Secret Life of Pets

    In a world… You know how movie trailers start with the words “In a world…” and then go on to tell you how amazing the movie is? In “The Secret Life of Pets”, the movie starts with a lot of promise, but falls short of anything close to amazing. The 3-D animated comedy aims to show what really happens when we leave our pets alone for the day. It sports a stellar cast. Louis C.K. stars as Max, a terrier […]

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    Gotta catch ’em all: Blaine and Dominic go Pokemon hunting

    Are you a fan of the app? Tweet Blaine and Dominic and give them some pointers!

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    Much like Blaine Stewart, emotional groom cries at his wedding, but for different reason

    There’s nothing like a wedding to bring on the water works. Usually it’s loved ones in the crowd, or occasionally, the bride herself, doing the crying. But, one man in the U.K. is breaking the mold. Gabriel Deku started sobbing the minute he saw his bride Annabelle walk down the aisle. The video of his wedding last month has since gone viral. It prompted our Blaine Stewart to share a similar memory of crying on his own wedding day.

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    The WTKR Spelling Bee: It wasn’t pretty…

    On News 3 This Morning, Blaine tested Jessica, Myles and Kristen on their spelling ability. Let's just say it wasn't pretty...

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    Getaway with your money: Ways to avoid the most common and costly travel-related scams

    Who wouldn't like to get a letter in the mail saying you've won two free airline tickets?


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