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Blaine Stewart once had hair. It was real and it was spectacular. Most of it fell out when he arrived in Hampton Roads in 2007.

Much like Oprah’s best friend Gayle, Blaine has an impressive broadcasting background. He’s been a news anchor, reporter, weather anchor, producer and disc jockey at television and radio stations in Columbus, GA, Hattiesburg, MS, and his hometown of New Orleans.

When Blaine’s not anchoring the morning and Noon newscasts on WTKR and WGNT, you’ll find him working out (walking around the gym trying to look busy), brushing up on boy band trivia, and searching for the words “Blaine” and “Stewart” on the Internet. Notice the letter “I” in Internet is capitalized. Blaine knew to do that because he is a journalist.

Blaine turns to loyal viewers, or “Blaine-iacs”, as he calls them, to describe him:

-“He thinks he’s funny, but he’s not. I don’t know how Laila puts up with him.” (Laila)

-“Three words: Messy. Bald. Queen.” (Several posters on BlackPlanet.com)

-“You’re not getting an inheritance, so good luck.” (Susan, Blaine’s mom)

Recent Articles
  • egg bistro

    Quest for the Best Breakfast: The Egg Bistro in Chesapeake

    NewsChannel 3 is on a Quest for the Best Breakfast in Hampton Roads.

  • The Young and the Restless celebrates 42nd anniversary in March

    The Young and the Restless is celebrating its 42nd anniverary this March. NewsChannel 3’s Blaine and Jessica spoke with Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow) and Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) from the show. Viewers want to know — how does it feel to be celebrating 20 years on The Young and the Restless? What can fans expect this February on Y&R, and what can you tell us about this big party at ‘The Underground’? Is Nick really over Sharon, and can he […]

  • VIDEO: Dozens take the plunge at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront

    NewsChannel 3’s Blaine Stewart is live at 6th Street at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront for the Pre-Polar Plunge, happening this morning. Check it out! Click here for information on the Polar Plunge, happening on Saturday, February 7, 2015. Click here for complete coverage of the Polar Plunge.  

  • It’s Your Money: Get your unclaimed cash

    Norfolk, Va. – Right now, you could have unclaimed cash sitting around in state coffers. NewsChannel 3 is taking action to help you get your money. Later this morning, Norfolk’s city treasurer, along with a representative from the Virginia State Treasury, is hosting an unclaimed property event. Today from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., City Treasurer Anthony Burfoot is hosting a representative from the Virginia State Treasury’s Division of Unclaimed Property in the City Hall lobby, 810 Union Street. The public will […]

  • Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte gives swimming lessons at Naval Station Norfolk

    Norfolk, Va. – Olympic gold medalists at Naval Station Norfolk — giving swimming lessons?! Four members of Team USA Swimming spent the day training young athletes in the water. NewsChannel 3’s Blaine Stewart takes us there. When larger than life celebrities, like 11-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte, visit Naval Station Norfolk, it’s bound to make a splash. For Lochte and his teammates, Friday’s swim clinics at the fleet rec pool are more than just a way to inspire young athletes. This […]

  • Quest for the Best Breakfast: d’egg West in Norfolk

    Norfolk, Va. – NewsChannel 3 is on a Quest for the Best Breakfast in Hampton Roads. Blaine Stewart is wrapping things up today at d’egg West in Norfolk. You`ve nominated your favorite breakfast hot spots. So far, Blaine Stewart has visited Chesapeake, Hampton, and Virginia Beach. Today – the Quest is on at d’egg. Will you try the burger with an egg on top?! D’egg is also famous for the French toast. Blaine Stewart would love to see you out […]

  • Quest for the Best Breakfast: Tommy’s Restaurant in Hampton

    Hampton, Va. – NewsChannel 3 is on a Quest for the Best Breakfast in Hampton Roads. You`ve nominated your favorite breakfast hot spots. So far, Blaine Stewart has visited Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. Today – the Quest is on the Peninsula. Join us at Tommy`s Restaurant on Mercury Boulevard in Hampton, it’s near Big Bethel Road. You nominated Tommy`s for the fish and grits, waffles, and the bacon breakfast! Blaine Stewart would love to see you out there — he’ll put some NewsChannel 3 […]

  • WATCH THIS: Garth Brooks on NewsChannel 3

    He’s the number one selling solo country artist in the U.S. Joining us live is music legend, Garth Brooks! He has emerged from retirement, and has released a new album. Check out the full interview, below:  

  • Quest for the Best Breakfast: Citrus in Virginia Beach

    Virginia Beach, Va. – NewsChannel 3 and WGNT are on a Quest for the Best Breakfast in Hampton Roads. NewsChannel 3’s Blaine Stewart is live at Citrus in Virginia Beach this morning! Don’t miss it! Go grab some chocolate chip pancakes! Related:  Check our ALL of the restaurants we’ve visited in Les’ Quest for the Best BBQ! Complete Coverage of Blaine Stewart’s Quest for the Best Breakfast in Hampton Roads.

  • Tom on Dealz: Chock full of savings

    Our weekly coupon expert, Sharon Wood of Mom on Dealz, is on vacation. Not to worry – today we have “Tom on Dealz”. Who is ready to save?! “You look like a guy who loves Cheez-Its.” Tom and Kristen share all of this week’s deals in the video above. “It’s not Target — it’s Tar-Jay,” Tom says. (Tom remembers when it was only 10 cents to mail a letter. ) The grand finale? “Paper Clip Crafts” with Tom! Mom on […]

  • VIDEO: Blaine Stewart shoots t-shirt gun at Harbor Park

    Harbor Park is looking for help this season in all departments - from building burgers, handling Rip Tide, to shooting the t-shirt gun...

  • NewsChannel 3 honors woman hosting Ft. Eustis soldiers for Thanksgiving

    When the USO asked her to host eight Fort Eustis soldiers this Thanksgiving – double what she signed up for – she didn’t hesitate to say yes, even if that meant another trip to the supermarket.


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