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Blaine Stewart once had hair. It was real and it was spectacular. Most of it fell out when he arrived in Hampton Roads in 2007.

Much like Oprah’s best friend Gayle, Blaine has an impressive broadcasting background. He’s been a news anchor, reporter, weather anchor, producer and disc jockey at television and radio stations in Columbus, GA, Hattiesburg, MS, and his hometown of New Orleans.

When Blaine’s not anchoring the morning and Noon newscasts on WTKR and WGNT, you’ll find him working out (walking around the gym trying to look busy), brushing up on boy band trivia, and searching for the words “Blaine” and “Stewart” on the internet.
Blaine turns to loyal viewers, or “Blaine-iacs”, as he calls them, to describe him:

-“He thinks he’s funny, but he’s not. I don’t know how Jessica puts up with him.” (Jessica)

-“Three words: Messy. Bald. Queen.” (Several YouTube commenters)

-“You’re not getting an inheritance, so good luck.” (Susan, Blaine’s mom)

Recent Articles
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    Blaine’s Box Office: The Accountant

    The Accountant sets out to be both an action thriller and a possible setup for a franchise involving Affleck's character, an accounting whiz with autism who has ties to some dirty dealings.

  • promo300110385

    Blaine’s Box Office: Masterminds

    Some very funny actors just can't overcome a really bad script.

  • Shovels lined up at the site of the groundbreaking for the 2017 St. Jude Dream Home in Chesapeake

    Groundbreaking for 2017’s St. Jude Dream Home

    Chesapeake, Va. — Ground has officially been broken for the newest St. Jude Dream Home, set to be given away in the spring of 2017. The home is in Chesapeake’s Fieldstone neighborhood near Elbow Road and Centerville Turnpike. This year’s builder is Kirbor Homes. The home will boast 5 bedrooms, 4 and a half bathrooms and almost 3.400 square feet of living space. Tickets will be sold for $100 each, with the proceeds benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in […]

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    Keys to victory in Tuesday’s VP debate: Prepare, prepare, prepare

    Tuesday morning, Sen Mamie Locke (D-Hampton), joined News 3 This Morning to speak about the keys to success in Tuesday night's debate and what to look for from the candidates.

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    Blaine’s Box Office: The Magnificent Seven

    Magnificent... that might be a stretch.

  • image1

    Dozens of bras on display to fight breast cancer

    With a 38-C bra as their canvas, interested community members are challenged to construct unique and over-the-top designs using breast cancer as inspiration.

  • promo298900345

    Blaine’s Box Office: Bridget Jones’s Baby

    There is no way I will ever see a Bridget Jones movie. Ever. I’ve said that for years.  Why would a guy on his 30s ever want to see a Bridget Jones movie? This week, I found a very compelling reason: my boss said I had to. Bridget Jones’s Baby is the third in a series of movies about her life. It picks up with Bridget celebrating her 43rd birthday, single and frustrated. Soon, she becomes pregnant, but doesn’t know […]

  • promo298295793

    Blaine’s Box Office: Sully

    We know the story of “Sully”, Captain Chesley ‘Sully” Sullenberger’s Miracle on the Hudson. But, it’s what we don’t know about the story that keep your eyes glued to the big screen the whole time. “Sully” takes us inside the mind of Sullenberger, not only during the landing, but in the days and weeks after. The story is rooted in the questions he and others had after the landing: Could he have made it back to the airport? Should he […]

  • promo298290941

    Who has the best touchdown dance?

    It's football season and the News 3 morning team has some suggestions for the pros on how to celebrate in the end zone.

  • promo298117855

    Siri comes alive: Watch what happens when a smartphone tries to take over the news

    They don’t call them smart phones for nothing. During the 6am news, Blaine Stewart’s iPhone got a mind of its own and started talking. Watch out… Siri’s coming for our jobs!

  • promo297085986

    Blaine’s Box Office: War Dogs

    I really wanted to like this movie. I really did.

  • promo296484937

    Dominic Brown crashed the company party and ate all of the food

    WTKR News 3 held a station party Thursday evening to showcase our new fall programming. Dominic Brown wasn't invited, but showed up anyway.