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Blaine Stewart once had hair. It was real and it was spectacular. Most of it fell out when he arrived in Hampton Roads in 2007.*

Much like Oprah’s best friend Gayle, Blaine has an impressive broadcasting background. He’s been a news anchor, reporter, weather anchor, producer and disc jockey at television and radio stations in Columbus, GA, Hattiesburg, MS, and his hometown of New Orleans.

When Blaine’s not anchoring the morning and Noon newscasts on WTKR and WGNT, you’ll find him working out (walking around the gym trying to look busy), brushing up on boy band trivia, and searching for the words “Blaine” and “Stewart” on the internet.

Blaine turns to loyal viewers, or “Blaine-iacs”, as he calls them, to describe him:

-“He thinks he’s funny, but he’s not. I don’t know how Jessica puts up with him.” (Jessica)

-“Three words: Messy. Bald. Queen.” (Several YouTube commenters)

-“You’re not getting an inheritance, so good luck.” (Susan, Blaine’s mom)

*Hair provided by: AOC Salon

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