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Blaine Stewart once had hair. It was real and it was spectacular. Most of it fell out when he arrived in Hampton Roads in 2007.

Much like Oprah’s best friend Gayle, Blaine has an impressive broadcasting background. He’s been a news anchor, reporter, weather anchor, producer and disc jockey at television and radio stations in Columbus, GA, Hattiesburg, MS, and his hometown of New Orleans.

When Blaine’s not anchoring the morning and Noon newscasts on WTKR and WGNT, you’ll find him working out (walking around the gym trying to look busy), brushing up on boy band trivia, and searching for the words “Blaine” and “Stewart” on the Internet. Notice the letter “I” in Internet is capitalized. Blaine knew to do that because he is a journalist.

Blaine turns to loyal viewers, or “Blaine-iacs”, as he calls them, to describe him:

-“He thinks he’s funny, but he’s not. I don’t know how Laila puts up with him.” (Laila)

-“Three words: Messy. Bald. Queen.” (Several posters on BlackPlanet.com)

-“You’re not getting an inheritance, so good luck.” (Susan, Blaine’s mom)

Recent Articles
  • promo285944434

    Kelly Rowland talks about spring allergies, but not ‘Lemonade’

    Grammy Award-winning multiplatinum superstar Kelly Rowland joined Blaine and Jessica on NewsChannel 3 This Morning to talk about her partnership with Claritin to fight spring allergies. They weren’t allowed to ask about Beyonce’s new album Lemonade, but Blaine did surprise Kelly with one question. Watch the video above for her reaction.

  • promo285505205

    Is that a poem in your pocket or are you just happy to see us?

    Each year on Poem in Your Pocket Day, schools, bookstores, libraries, parks, workplaces, and other venues ring loud with open readings of poems from pockets.

  • Capture

    Meal Prep: Grilled Chicken Salad

    Looking for an easy and healthy way to prepare meals in advance to take to work for lunch? So was I! Last week, I noticed Kristen Crowley’s delicious looking salads in the break room refrigerator. She share this recipe with me and I tried it out this weekend. Can’t wait to dive in Monday at lunchtime! You’ll need: Chicken breasts, grilled and sliced Baby spinach Chopped sweet peppers Crumbled goat cheese Slivered almonds Salad dressing of your choice For a […]

  • promo284906751

    Rihanna has been privately helping a fan she met online

    Pop megastar Rihanna is known for taking care of her fans. One glimpse at her twitter feed shows her talking back and forth with members of the #RihannaNavy, as she calls her fans. But she’s now getting praise for what she’s done via Twitter direct messages. BuzzFeed reports Rihanna has been privately helping a fan come out of the closet. The fan, who wants to remain anonymous for now, told BuzzFeed they opened up about their sexuality about a month […]

  • promo284382277

    Cheddar cheese in coffee: Would you eat this?

    Frances wrote in, saying she'd like to see us try another odd combination: cheddar cheese in hot coffee.

  • Marie

    Former NewsChannel 3 reporter talks about the morning she almost died on the job

    Marie Coronel does not remember much about the morning she almost died. It’s been two months and it’s still too terrifying to face. She’d just wrapped up a live report on the morning news on KGTV-TV, in her hometown of San Diego, when all of a sudden, a eucalyptus tree came crashing down on her and her photographer. “I remember standing there, and then I blacked out. The next thing I remember, there were paramedics taking me to an ambulance,” […]

  • promo284302298

    Andy Cohen dishes on migraines, moisturizer and more with NewsChannel 3

    Blaine Stewart’s dream came true Thursday morning when host, author and producer Andy Cohen visited the morning news via satellite. Andy, who is a migraine sufferer, spoke about the new Excedrin Migraine Simulator, which helps loved ones of migraine sufferers better empathize with their symptoms. Blaine also spoke with Andy about his skin care routine and replacing Anderson Cooper as his newscaster BFF.  

  • promo284296563

    Banana and mayo sandwiches?! NewsChannel 3 This Morning takes a taste test

    Some people swear by them. Others (like us) have never heard of them. Banana and mayo sandwiches.

  • promo284123911

    Attention sports fans who set things on fire: “Don’t be stupid!”

    While most Villanova fans celebrated the team’s college basketball championship win over the University of North Carolina responsibly, CBS affiliate KYW-TV reports six people were arrested in a post-game celebration that broke out near campus overnight. There were massive crowds, a few bonfires, but no “major” destruction. 27 people were treated for minor injuries, but no one was seriously hurt. This morning, NewsChannel 3’s Blaine Stewart had some advice for people who take celebrating too far.  

  • promo283790197

    Ian Somerhalder talks ‘The Vampire Diaries’ on WGNT 27 with Blaine Stewart

    A new episode of The Vampire Diaries airs Friday night at 8pm on WGNT 27. Series star Ian Somerhalder joined our Blaine Stewart via satellite to talk more about the episode he starred in and directed.

  • promo283697828

    The circus is in town! Amazing dog tricks on NewsChannel 3 This Morning

    The circus has gone to the dogs. Thursday morning, Blaine Stewart and Jessica Larche peeked in on Hans the trainer and his pups as they gave us a preview of what to expect in Norfolk this weekend. The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus visits Norfolk Scope March 31 – April 3.


    35 years later: John Hinckley, Jr., closer to living permanently in Hampton Roads

    John Hinckley, Jr., may soon accomplish something no other man has. Never has anyone shot an American president, and then walked the streets, full-time, as a free man. “I don’t think anyone who owned a television in 1981 would have expected that we would talk about Hinckley being released,” says Dr. Felicia Flores, a psychology educator who’s closely studied the attempt on President Reagan’s life and Hinckley’s motive for the shootings. Hinckley fired a gun as President Reagan’s entourage as […]


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