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  • Funeral to be held Saturday for former Philadelphia police detective murdered in Suffolk

    The death of 69-year-old Virginia Hill, a great-grandmother of 15 and retired Philadelphia police detective, is still unfathomable for so many people. Hill was shot and killed last Saturday morning in her Suffolk home. Police have not yet been able to identify a suspect in her murder. Friends, family and co-workers celebrated her life at her viewing on Friday. Rose Rogers took the trip from Texas to say goodbye to the friend she says she met when she was just […]

  • Cab companies take action to get senior citizens to the polls for free

    Six cab companies across Hampton Roads are coming together and taking action to get seniors to the polls on Election Day. It’s less than two weeks away and getting to the voting booths for many, like 82-year old Tommy Hewitt, is tough. Two years ago, his doctor told him he could no longer drive. Now this once strong, independent man has to rely on his children and public transportation to get around. “It’s gets to be very hard on you,” […]

  • vote

    Avoid the long lines, vote absentee

    Chesapeake, Va. – When you hear of Election Day, you probably immediately go back to visions of long lines like the last presidential election and waiting for hours to cast your ballot. But today we learned that you could avoid those lines and it was a breeze by absentee voting. The only way you can do so is if you have a legitimate reason you will be absent on Election Day. Chesapeake registrar Al Spradlin says many people get confused […]

  • Update: Documents reveal possible motive for shooting death of former Philadelphia detective

    Suffolk Police are searching for the suspect responsible for shooting and killing a woman Saturday morning. Officials say 69-year old Virginia Hill was found suffering from a gunshot wound and rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

  • UPDATE: Two charged for robbing Peninsula 7-Eleven stores wearing gorilla mask

    Hampton Police and Newport News Police are now searching for a man who they say robbed two 7-Eleven stores at gunpoint while wearing a black gorilla mask.

  • Chesapeake IHOP owner on treatment of breastfeeding mom: ‘It was a mistake.’

    “It was a mistake.” Those were the words from Chesapeake IHOP owner Sattar Shaik after a mom, Samantha Copeland, exclusively tells NewsChannel 3 a manager put a dish towel over her baby’s face while she was breastfeeding. “I was really upset.  I was speechless,” Copeland said. “I always thought I would know what to do in that situation, but when it happened I had no idea what to do.” Many of Samantha’s friends and other upset moms were planning on hosting a […]

  • Pasquotank Co. magistrate could lose his job after refusing to marry same-sex couple

    Pasquotank Co., NC – A same-sex couple in Elizabeth City was finally able to tie the knot Tuesday after a magistrate refused to marry them the day before. Now that magistrate could lose his job. Pasquotank County Magistrate Gary Littleton refused to say one word about his decision to NewsChannel 3 on Tuesday. However, his boss, Chief District Court Judge Christopher Bean says it was because it went against his moral and religious beliefs. Judge Bean oversees and supervises the […]

  • UPDATE: Truck driver charged after crash on MMMBT

    A truck driver has been charged after a Wednesday afternoon crash on the bridge span of the Monitor Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel left part of his truck hanging from the side of the bridge.

  • Department of Health confirms Enterovirus is present in Virginia’s Eastern region

    The Virginia Department of Health confirmed that as of Friday, October 3rd, Enterovirus D-68 is in the Central, Northern and Eastern regions of Virginia.

  • City Council to discuss changes to program that offers tax breaks to elderly and disabled residents

    A program in the City of Virginia Beach that offers elderly and disabled residents tax breaks on real estate taxes has increased dramatically over the last 10 years, taking a whopping $12 million from the city's budget.

  • CNU president on Jesse Matthew case: ‘There is no one that cares more about doing the right thing than I do’

    One of the strongest ties Jesse Matthew has to Hampton Roads is that he was a student at Christopher Newport University for a short time in 2003. And in that short time, he was the main suspect of a sexual assault. Today, we asked CNU’s president Paul Trible simple questions about that assault and with every question, we received the same answer. He kept saying that federal law would prohibit him from providing answers. President Trible did explain how the […]

  • Norfolk deputy arrests suspects he saw breaking into neighbors’ vehicles

    Virginia Beach, Va. – Kim Cockrell says she can sleep peacefully tonight in her Chicks Beach neighborhood thanks to a Norfolk deputy who took action against crime to arrest four people he says he saw breaking into cars. “My husband left around 7:30 this morning. What he did was he pulled his van out and he noticed his car had been tampered with,” says Cockrell. Her car, her husband’s car, and several of her neighbors were all broken into. But by the […]


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