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  • Is your flu shot really protecting you from getting sick?

    There is a new strain of the flu virus spreading all across the country and health experts say your vaccine can’t fight it. “The vaccine is not as protective as we would have like,” said Stephen Biggs, a physician’s assistant at Patient First. He says the CDC sent out an alert about the new variant virus of Influenza A H3N2 a few weeks, explaining this strain is a genetic mutation of the common flu. Biggs says he’s noticed more people […]

  • 15-year-old girl shot while leaving Newport News skating rink

    Newport News, Va. – Newport News police need you to take action to help find the person who shot a 15-year old girl as she was leaving a skating rink around 11 o’clock Sunday night. Detectives released a surveillance video that shows the car the teen was in with a family member pulling away. As they were leaving, the video shows another car come from behind the parking lot and pull up right behind them. Police say seconds later, a person […]

  • Lesner Bridge construction brings sales to a screeching halt for some businesses

    As construction on the road to the new Lesner Bridge moves along, sales at some nearby businesses came to a screeching halt. Cortney Cleveland, owner of My Chic’s Rewind and Consign Shop, says sales in the last three weeks have plummeted as much 40% as she says construction closed off all entrances to her shop for about three weeks. “People would have to go to a detour through the neighborhood,” she said. “I had tons of customers email me and […]

  • Woman indicted on heroin charges hired as first grade teacher

    Franklin, Va. – Parents at S.P. Morton Elementary school say school leaders should have done their homework, after hiring a woman following her arrest for distributing heroin. 36-year old Elizabeth Ferguson was indicted on two felony charges of Distribution of Heroin on September 22nd, according to court documents. Then just one week later, on September 29th, Ferguson was hired as a first grade teacher with Franklin City Schools. “I`m mad,” said grandmother Ernestine Manley. “Nobody ever told me as a grandparent […]

  • Love triangle involving Suffolk police officers ends with assault charges and internal investigation

    “She resulted in threatening to slice my throat open and kill me.” According to court records, that’s what Ida Thompson told police happened after she confronted a Suffolk Police officer for having an affair with her husband.

  • Police identify two killed in weekend crash on Sewells Point Road in Norfolk

    Police are investigating after two people were killed in a car crash in Norfolk early Sunday morning.

  • Suffolk parents taking action on their own to find son’s killer

    Trevor Baldwin,20, was murdered on September 30th. Police found him shot to death in his car on Dunedin Drive around 9:15 that night.

  • Attiyah Fenwick Brandishing, Unlawfully discharge a firearm X2, Arson, Felony destruction of property, reckless handling of a firearm

    Woman arrested for allegedly firing pistol, starting fire during domestic dispute in Newport News

    Newport News, Va. – A 19-year-old Newport News woman faces multiple charges after firing a pistol and starting a fire during a domestic dispute with her boyfriend. Attiyah Fenwick was arrested after police and fire personnel were called to the apartment in the 100 block of Heritage Way that she shared with her boyfriend after calls about a disturbance and a fire. Fenwick became upset with her boyfriend and intentionally started destroying property in the apartment. She also fired a […]

  • Troops released from Ebola quarantine at Langley

    UPDATE: Nearly 90 service members held in quarantine for 21 days at the Langley Transit Center after an Ebola mission were released on Thursday, December 4th.  The quarantine was part of a Pentagon mandate so troops could be observed.  Officials at the Langley Transit Center did their best to make sure the 21 days were as comfortable as possible.  “We understand this is going to be an enduring process and we want to make this facility as good as possible for […]

  • Newport News mother in court, accused of burning daughter with hot knife

    Newport News, Va. – A Newport News mother accused of burning her young daughter as punishment for shoplifting is in court today. Ibtisam Coggeshall is charged with child abuse and neglect. According to the criminal complaint, she heated a knife on the stove and burned her 7-year-old daughter’s arm as punishment for shoplifting lipstick. The mother and her daughter moved to the United States from Iraq three years ago. The criminal complaint states that the mother speaks very little English. […]

  • Suspects accused of killing 82-year-old Suffolk man appear in court

    The three suspects accused of murdering and robbing an 82-year-old Suffolk man in September appeared in court on Tuesday at their preliminary hearing.

  • Napoleon

    Suffolk rapper takes action just in time for Thanksgiving

    Suffolk, Va. – A rapper who grew up right here in Hampton Roads came back home, making sure he doesn’t forget the neighborhood he came from or the people that still live there. Wearing his “Made in Virginia” hoodie, rapper Napolean walked through Cypress Manor, an apartment complex he says is the projects. “I stayed right here in apartment 66,” he said. “We played football right here in the parking lot.” He went back to the neighborhood Tuesday to take […]


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