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  • suffolkbbq

    Les Smith’s Quest for the Best BBQ: Suffolk BBQ Co.

    Les Smith continues his Quest for the Best BBQ at the Suffolk BBQ Company in Suffolk.

  • les

    Les Smith’s adventure on the USS Wisconsin

    NewsChannel 3’s Les Smith was on a mission. He went aboard the USS Wisconsin. His mission was to crack the code to operation Achilles Heel. The adventure took us back to 1952 off the coast of North Korea. There was a mad rush to unlock secrets. Did he complete his mission? Watch the video to find out.

  • Les Smith’s Quest for the Best BBQ: Jake’s Smokehouse Barbecue in Virginia Beach

    Smack-dab on general Booth Boulevard in Virginia Beach sits the lip-smacking goodness of Jake’s Smokehouse Barbecue. Jake’s offers a little bit of everything. NewsChannel 3’s Les Smith had the opportunity to do a little tasting there today. He had a lot of everything from plain pulled pork to the vinegary goodness of Carolina- pulled to the tomato taste of ribs. Who makes the best barbecue? Leave your comment below. Check our ALL of the restaurants we’ve visited in Les’ Quest for […]

  • NewsChannel 3 takes action for fire victims of Heron’s Landing

    NewsChannel 3 is taking action to help our neighbors. Four dozen people were forced out of their homes because of a fire in Chesapeake. These people had been homeless before. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the fire at Heron’s Landing. But many people lost even the food they were planning to eat. Fifty-eight formerly homeless people were driven out of their temporary homes at a Chesapeake apartment building because of a fire on Tuesday, July 8. Water forced the […]

  • D-Day 70 years later: Norfolk Army paratrooper remembers the jump into Normandy

    Colonel Edward Shames left Norfolk at age 20 to become an Army paratrooper. “I was in every battle that was from the time we invaded the continent until the time we went up on top of Eagle’s Nest, Hitler’s hideout, every one,” says Shames. But there was none quite like the jump into Normandy. “There was no jubilation. We had a good meal. We had steak and ice cream. First time we had that in years. The last supper I guess […]

  • Les Smith gets a wild ride at the Patriotic Festival

    Les Smith gets a wild ride at the Patriotic Festival

  • ERC CEO pledges to fix problems with tunnel tolling

    The man who oversees the tolls on the Elizabeth River tunnels is promising to Take Action for NewsChannel 3 viewers.

  • Boardwalk Image-reduced

    Oceanfront SkyWheel plans on hold ‘indefinitely’

    Plans for a major Oceanfront attraction are now on hold. The SkyWheel won’t be spinning at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront anytime soon.

  • Not even police stop for this Norfolk stop sign

    Norfolk, Va. – It happens over and over and over again. Cars running a stop sign causing a dangerous situation in Norfolk. NewsChannel 3 even saw a Norfolk police officer do it! It`s happening in Norfolk`s West Freemason neighborhood. Honored by urban planners in 2013 as one of America`s great neighborhoods. But just feet away from the urban oasis stands a crossroads of danger. Day after day, at all times of day, people blow right through the stop sign at the corner of […]

  • Myra

    Viewers take action in a big way for Army Vet and his beloved dogs

    On Monday, NewsChannel 3 told you how an Army veteran is having to give up the dogs he has taken care of for many years. Health problems are slowing Harry Derby down and when his roommate lost his job and moved out, that didn’t leave enough money to make ends meet. Harry was going to have to move out next week. He had already begun giving up his dogs for adoption. “They’re family. I cried. I’ve already adopted two out […]

  • Taking Action: Ailing Suffolk dog rescuer needs assistance

    NewsChannel 3 is taking action for a local Army veteran in need, and for the dogs he loves so much.

  • More Reagan sailors reporting illnesses caused by Fukushima radiation

    In March of 2011, an earthquake caused a tsunami, which slammed into the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The U.S. Navy responded immediately, but now some sailors are paying a price for their service.


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