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  • Les Smith talks March Madness with a few mini experts

    NewsChannel 3's Les Smith stopped by Emmanuel Episcopal Day School in Virginia Beach this week to talk about this year's NCAA basketball tournament with a few experts.

  • Judge orders government of Sudan to pay USS Cole bombing victims

    A new court ruling has come down for the families of local sailors killed on the USS Cole in 2000.

  • Hampton Roads residents sign up to get heart healthy

    Almost 200 people signed up through our Taking Action Helpline to find out just how heart healthy they are. Pat Speelman was one of those people. “Listening to you on TV talk about your heart attack and I figured it was about time we got checked,” says Speelman who also brought her husband Larry along. Now Larry and a lot of other people do know what’s going on with their bodies because they took action for better heart health. “At […]

  • Man accused of killing Virginia Beach pharmacist expected to plead guilty

    Virginia Beach, Va. – In a jailhouse interview with NewsChannel 3, Walter Hubbard expressed remorse but claimed he couldn`t remember shooting popular pharmacist David Kilgore on April 14th of last year. “Do you remember pulling the trigger?” he was asked. “No,” Hubbard replied. Court records say the gun Hubbard used came from a neighbor’s house where he climbed through a window. According to police, Hubbard demanded oxycodone. When Kilgore refused, Hubbard shot him and took off. Police say he robbed […]

  • Les Smith on a journey to better health after suffering heart attack

    Norfolk, Va. – Les Smith woke up one morning with chest pain and numbness in his arm. Two hours later, he was in the emergency room. “A lot of things are happening all at once. We do an EKG on you to check your cardiac rhythm. The doctor is immediately notified. And then as that`s happening, other people are hooking you up to our monitors and drawing blood and starting IVs,” says Nurse Mindi Tysor. Emergency room Dr. Todd Parker […]

  • Family of Kirk Cowart releases apology and appeal for better mental health care

    Virginia Beach, Va. – The family of the Virginia Beach man who took a hatchet into Salem High School and was arrested last week has issued an apology and an appeal. Kirk Cowart’s mental condition has now become the focus of how he got to where he is, what should happen next and the treatment he’s receiving in the meantime as he sits in the Virginia Beach Correctional Center. Cowart’s mother, sister and brother issued the following statement on Wednesday: “As […]

  • City of Norfolk facing lawsuit from woman shot last summer by Norfolk Police officer

    The City of Norfolk and one of its police officers are facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit from a woman shot last summer by an officer.

  • Dominion Virginia Power looking to build first solar energy plant in the state

    Dominion Virginia Power wants to build the first commercial solar energy plant in the state.

  • Wright Brothers, Coast Guard make history together

    Today is officially Wright Brothers day. The Wright brothers launched the era of flight on the Outer Banks.  But there’s a part of that story you’ve probably never heard before. The Wright brothers made some important friends on the Outer Banks. They became friends with members of the Coast Guard. We know them as modern-day heroes who risk their lives to save others at sea. But it turns out they were real life heroes way back then also. And the […]

  • Operation Smile marks 25 years of missions to Vietnam

    A Hampton Roads-based charity is marking a milestone. Operation Smile volunteers just returned from a medical mission to Vietnam. This trip came 25 years after Operation Smile first went to Vietnam. NewsChannel 3’s Les Smith spoke with one doctor, a Vietnam vet, who was on both trips. In 1969, thousands of young Americans were fighting an unpopular war a long way from home. Mike Solhaug was one of them. He returned after a year in Vietnam and eventually went to […]

  • Trio of military leaders blamed for sailor’s suicide aboard USS James E. Williams

    Norfolk, Va. – Boatswain’s Mate Seaman Yeshabel Villot-Carrasco killed herself aboard the Norfolk-based USS James E. Williams back in June. We now know she died from an overdose of sleeping pills, according to the Navy Times. The new report says the skipper, the former executive officer, and the command master chief created a toxic climate — per the Navy Times — that contributed to the suicide. Specifically it says Command Master Chief Travis Biswell an environment aboard the ship where […]

  • Former command triad of USS James E. Williams contributed to suicide aboard ship, report says

    The commanding officer, executive officer and command master chief of the USS James E. Williams were responsible for a toxic command climate that contributed to the suicide of a sailor onboard the destroyer in June, according to a report.