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  • Virginia governor denies favoritism with top campaign donor

    Former Virginia Governor’s daughter breaks down during parents’ trial

    Pictures from Cailin McDonnell’s wedding day were enough to bring her to tears while testifying Tuesday afternoon. The oldest of the five McDonnell children told the court her wedding now has a black cloud over it. That’s because her big day became the subject of scrutiny in her parents’ federal corruption trial. Prosecutors say Johnnie Williams, Sr., the owner and CEO of the dietary supplement company Star Scientific wrote former governor Bob McDonnell a $15,000 check to pay off the […]

  • CurrituckBBQ

    Les Smith’s Quest for the Best: Currituck BBQ Company

    NewsChannel 3 is on a quest for the best barbecue. That quest has led our Les Smith and Kurt Williams to Currituck  BBQ Company. What do you think about this place? Leave your comments below! Related:  Les Smith’s quest for the best…BBQ!

  • robbery1

    Two arrested after Monday night robbery attempt in Chesapeake

    Two people have been arrested following a robbery attempt Monday night in Chesapeake.

  • Don’t Waste Your Money: Choosing The Right Carry-On Luggage

    Flying with a carry-on bag can save you $50 or more per trip. No wonder sales are up. But whatever kind you get, it’s got to fit in the overhead bin. Airlines have different maximums they allow. A bag that measures 22 by 14 by 9 inches deep will get you onto most carriers, though some carriers will give you a few inches more. Size matters, inside and out. The inside should hold lots while the outside stays as small […]

  • Police searching for missing and endangered teen in Hampton

    Hampton Police are looking for a 16-year-old girl who has been missing since Sunday, July 27th.

  • newschannel3-400

    Teen hospitalized after hit and run involving bicycle

    Portsmouth, Va. – A 16-year-old girl has been hospitalized after she was hit while riding her bicycle in Portsmouth on Monday night. Police say the driver did not stay on the scene after the accident. Calls came in about the incident at 6:30 p.m. Officials say this happened at Des Moines and Lincoln Street. The vehicle hit the teen on a bicycle as she was passing by causing her to fall. Her injuries are not considered life-threatening. This is being investigated […]

  • police1

    Police investigate after man walks into hospital with gunshot wound

    Portsmouth, Va. – Police are now investigating after a man walked into a Portsmouth hospital with a gunshot wound. They say this happened at 7:30 p.m. A man walked into Maryview Hospital with a gunshot wound. The injury is not considered life-threatening. No other details have been released. Stay with NewsChannel 3 for more updates.

  • fire1

    Crews put out brush fire in Virginia Beach

    Virginia Beach, Va. – Crews in Virginia Beach put out a brush fire near the Potters Road and Wesley Drive area on Monday night. The fire was about 300 feet off of the roads. It burned a 20 x 20 foot area. No one was hurt during this incident . Officials say they believe this may have been started by a homeless person who was camping out in the area. A tent was burned and some other items.

  • People, businesses take action to help victims of tornado at Cherrystone Campground

    Today we are getting a new look at the damage left behind at Cherrystone campground after Thursday mornings tornado. Two people died, dozens were injured and hundreds of vacationers had no place to go. That was until employees at the Peacock Motor Inn took action. “It started with one family who had three little kids and from there they just started coming in,” says Courtney Wilkins. The motel gave campers a free place to stay for the night. “We just […]

  • If you’re a grandparent, scammers could be targeting you!

    “One morning I answered the phone, and this young fella said ‘hi Grandma.’” Wanda Wood said a voice sounded like her grandson. He said he needed help and money immediately. “I really and truly believed it was Matt. The kid sounded like Matt,” says Wood. Postal inspectors say Wanda is one of thousands of Americans who have been victims of the so-called grandparent scheme. There are countless variations on the stories told. Here is another. “Somebody had called her in […]

  • Don’t Waste Your Money: What’s your favorite ice cream?

    America’s favorite ice cream is vanilla. But what makes plain vanilla really great plain vanilla? An excellent vanilla ice cream should have definite dairy flavor, balanced by real vanilla. It shouldn’t be overly sweet and it should have a creamy, smooth texture. A specially trained Consumer Reports’ “sensory team” blind-tasted 19 vanilla ice creams for flavor, texture, and appearance. Several are not so great. For instance, Target’s Market Pantry Vanilla Bean has an “airy, gummy” texture, and the vanilla is […]

  • gaymarriage1

    North Carolina to stop fighting challenges to marriage amendment after Virginia decision

    Raleigh, N.C. – After an historic ruling in a federal appeals court Monday striking down Virginia’s same sex marriage ban, North Carolina has announced that they will no longer oppose challenges to the state’s constitutional amendment outlawing same sex marriage. The Attorney General, Roy Cooper, made the announcement on Monday. According to WRAL, because North Carolina is part of the 4th Circuit, the same court that overturned Virginia’s ban, the same thing would likely happen in this state. “It’s time […]