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  • Virginia man runs 52 miles for diabetes awareness

    A Virginia man ran 52 miles on Sunday, all to raise awareness for diabetes. Mark Hammer started this journey a year ago. On the first weekend of the year, he ran one mile. On the second weekend, he ran two miles and so on. He’s doing this because people in his family have diabetes. “My grandfather had complications from it and he passed away due to those complications. My grandmother down in Florida, she is dealing with complications from type […]

  • Family of five escapes as Portsmouth home burns

    In Portsmouth, a family of five escaped their burning home. Amazingly, no one was hurt. But now without a home and a car, the family is just grateful to be alive. The family climbed out of windows to escape their burning home. “I just started screaming for everybody to get out of the house. My son was in the room next to me so I screamed for him. I told him don’t open his bedroom door just go out the window.” […]

  • Former President George H.W. Bush moved out of intensive care

    Former President George H.W. Bush was moved Saturday out of the intensive care unit of the Houston hospital where he has been for more than a month. “President Bush’s condition has improved, so he has been moved today from the intensive care unit to a regular patient room at The Methodist Hospital to continue his recovery,” his office said in a statement distributed by spokesman Jim McGrath. Bush was moved to the intensive care unit last Sunday as doctors worked […]

  • Virginia Beach police investigate 2 shooings, man’s death after being hit by car

    Virginia Beach police are coming off a busy overnight. Investigating two shootings and a man who died after being hit by a car. It was a busy night indeed for the Virginia Beach Police Department. At 6:40 Saturday morning, police say a man was hit by a vehicle here on Virginia Beach Boulevard between Aragona and Taldan. Investigators say 66 year old Tanner Douglas Senior stepped off a median in that area in to the travel lane, and was struck […]

  • 2 men shot inside Hampton home

    Hampton, Va. – In Hampton, two men were shot inside a house on Harriett Street Saturday morning. According to police, it happened around 5 a.m. Police say someone shot into the house, then people inside the home fired back. One man inside the house was hit several times, another was shot once. Both were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. Police don’t have any information about suspects.

  • VDOT lifts lane closures for Christmas, New Year’s

    NewsChannel 3 is taking action to help you beat the traffic. There’s good news if you still have to travel for the holidays. VDOT is lifting lane closures for the Christmas holiday from noon Monday through noon Wednesday. And for New Year’s, VDOT will be lifting lane closures from noon on the 31st through noon on January 2.

  • 4 people killed, 2 injured in wrong-way minivan collision on Ohio highway

    A minivan going the wrong way on a southwestern Ohio highway struck another minivan head-on early Sunday, killing four people and critically injuring two others, authorities said. The first minivan was carrying a family leaving a Christmas party, and the vehicle it struck was carrying a family going to see grandparents for the holidays, The Associated Press reported. The accident happened about 2:30 a.m. on Interstate 75 near milepost 35 in Warren County, near the town of Franklin. In a […]

  • UPS worker caught stealing iPad

    Al and Sandra Alverson was expecting two gifts they had bought online to get delivered this past Wednesday, but only one made it safely to their house in Houston. Wonder what happened to the other one? The mystery began after FedEx sent the Alversons a confirmation notice that a package had been delivered that morning. According to FedEx’s records, the Apple iPad Mini, which was supposed to be a gift for their daughter, had come at 9:29 am. But guess […]

  • Milk prices may rise next year

    With Congress spending all its time trying to avert the fiscal cliff, a slew of other legislative matters are going unattended. One of them is the agriculture bill which, if not addressed, could lead to a doubling of the price of milk early next year. It works like this: In order to keep dairy farmers in businesses, the government agrees to buy milk and other products if the price gets too low. The current agriculture bill has a formula that […]

  • Man fires 50 shots in the air in a California mall parking lot

    A man stood in the parking lot of a shopping mall in Southern California on Saturday and fired 50 shots into the air. Police didn’t say why, but his actions prompted many stores in the open-air Fashion Island mall in Newport Beach to lock their doors. No one was hurt by the bullets raining down, but one person suffered minor injuries while trying to flee the area, police said. Newport Beach Police quickly took the man, 42-year-old Marcos Sarinana Gurrola, […]

  • Police arrest Indiana man for school threat, find 47 guns in his home

    Police in Cedar Lake, Indiana have arrested a man after finding 47 guns and ammunition in his home and threatening to “kill as many people as he could at an elementary school.” Von. I. Meyer was arrested Saturday after prosecutors charged him with felony intimidation, domestic battery, and resisting law enforcement against him. Police were called to Meyer’s home Friday after he threatened to set his wife on fire while she was asleep.

  • Gunman shoots 3 people in Alabama hospital

    Three people at an Alabama hospital were shot and injured by a gunman who opened fire. The shooting happened when a St. Vincent’s Hospital employee alerted police to a man walking around the fifth floor of the hospital around 4 a.m. Saturday morning. Two hospital employees and a police officer stepped off the elevator to confront the man and the gunman shot them. A second police office came around a corner and killed the gunman. The victims are not seriously […]