Exclusive: Man claims local contractor scammed him out of home and $25,000

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Black paper covers a home off Princess Anne Rd. in Virginia Beach, acting as a make-shift tarp to protect the inside of the home from the elements.

If you walk around the back of the property, you will find most of the insides of the home sitting in a shambled pile on the outside. Walk inside and you’ll find missing insulation, gaping holes in the floor and dust and debris littering everything inside.

Caffee talks to News 3's Merris Badcock outside his home.

Caffee talks to News 3's Merris Badcock outside his home.

The home looks condemned, but Virginia Beach resident Thomas Caffee says it is not.

Caffee blames his contractor Julius Johnson for forcing him from his home, and its current state.

“He didn’t even tack the boards down,” Caffee said, walking through the house with News 3’s Merris Badcock. “Some rooms do not even have a floor.”

The contract between Caffee and Johnson’s company, Julious Handyman Services, LLC (sic) shows Johnson promised to renovate the house for $25,000.

Click here to read PAGE 1 and PAGE 2 of the contract between Caffee and Johnson.

Caffee says he sold some property and wanted to put the money into renovating his late mother’s home.

“My mother’s only been dead a year, and she left me this house,” said Caffee. “Everytime something would go wrong, and I would call him, he would never answer the phone.”

Thomas Caffee's home pictured from the outside.

Thomas Caffee's home pictured from the outside.

Caffee says he started to notice something wasn`t right when Johnson began ripping out the walls of his home at once.

“He promised to renovate one room at a time, but he lied,” said Caffee.

It wasn’t until Caffee almost fell through the floor that he says he believed he was scammed.

“One night I came out of my bedroom to go in the kitchen. There was no floor, and I could have fallen through and hit my head…I thought that was strange.”

Caffee says the final straw happened on August 29, when he came from church and found his power cut off.

“Now I`m homeless, and have no where to go. That`s the worst.”

We were able to reach the contractor over the phone. Johnson claims he was not allowed to finish the job.

“He fired me,” Johnson told News 3’s Merris Badcock over the telephone. “We did over $12,000 worth of work on the house.”

Caffee says he has not received a cent back from Johnson, who he says is an unlicensed contractor.

News 3 checked the state database which verifies contractors’ licenses, but we could not find a license listed under Johnson’s LLC.

While Caffee might not have a home, he still has faith in God and the justice system. “God is still in control, and God does not like ugly,” said Caffee. “That is what I would say to him.”