Rosemary Wilson (I)

Rosemary Wilson (I), Candidate for Virginia Beach City Council At-Large

Rosemary Wilson (I), Candidate for Virginia Beach City Council At-Large

Rosemary Wilson (I), running for Virginia Beach City Council At-Large

1. Why are you running for office?

I grew up in Bayside in a Navy family and was a schoolteacher. I love our community and have always been a 100% supporter of our military, education and public safety. I’m running to make sure we remain the safest city with the best schools.

2. Why should people vote for you?

Virginia Beach is a fantastic city with the lowest real estate tax rate in Hampton Roads. Our schools are second to none and we continue to be the safest city of our size in the nation. This is my record and while we have more problems to solve, I am committed to working with you to find solutions together.

3. What’s your favorite thing about the area you want to represent?

I love that Virginia Beach is so many different things. We have our agricultural area in the rural south, the wonderful beaches, Town Center and so many great civic and cultural organizations. We are a dynamic and vibrant city.

4. What is the biggest problem your area is facing, how will you fix it?

We must modernize our stormwater management. We have already begun doing that, but it is clear that we must accelerate that modernization. It will be expensive, so we must continue to grow our economy by attracting new businesses to our area and creating more high-paying jobs.

5. Describe Donald Trump in max 3 words?

He could win

6. Describe Hillary Clinton in max 3 words?

She could win

7. What do you do for a living? Why do you do it?

I am a realtor and have enjoyed my career. I love being able to find someone’s first home or someone’s dream home and make that part of the American Dream possible. It’s a feeling that I have always loved and part of that is what motivated me to get involved in public service.

8. You’re going to be marooned on a tropical island for a week, you can only bring 1 thing – what is it?

A boat

9. What do you think of Colin Kaepernick?

I think he’s an embarrassment and too many have sacrificed life and limb to defend our country to disrespect our national anthem the way he did.

10. Would you vote to fund light rail expansion in your area?

I will support the will of the people in the referendum.

11. Will you respect the outcome of the election?

Of course I will

12. Favorite TV Show?

The Young and the Restless

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