Chesapeake man critically injured after robber beats him in his garage

Chesapeake, Va. – An 80-year-old Chesapeake man was hospitalized with serious injuries on Wednesday after police say he was beaten in the head in his own garage by a robber.

Chesapeake Police say this happened in the 500 block of Longdale Crest. They were called about the incident at 5:35 p.m.

The man fought back against his attacker, hitting him in the head with a hammer and biting his thumb.

Police say the suspect allegedly hit the victim with an object, took items and left on a bicycle. They say the suspect is described as a man in his late teens to mid 20s. He was wearing camouflage.

“There was blood everywhere and I know the forensics team fingerprinted stuff and took pictures of the blood,” said neighbor Tommy Whitehurst. “I don’t know why he was targeted or what but you know, he’s a very nice man. He doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t bother anybody. He’s very helpful.”

Detectives are now investigating this case. At this point, they believe the whole thing was random.

The man remains in the hospital in critical condition. His long-time girlfriend told NewsChannel 3 that he’s doing pretty well considering his age.

Police are still looking for the suspect.

Stay with NewsChannel 3 for more updates.


  • Joy Jackson

    Well Mike Carvers Ghost, since “coloreds” as you say have been living in Georgetown since the 70′s, what the h&#@ are you talking about especially since the white man does not own the air. “Better to be quiet and thought a FOOL than to open your mouth and remove ALL DOUBT!!!!” This story has nothing to do with anyone’s color, just one person committing a crime against another. Unfortunately crime can happen anywhere.

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