What odd items are helping police solve crimes?

Criminals only used to be worried about leaving behind fingerprints.

But now, anything they touch, wear, or even eat, can be used against them in court.

Investigator Laurie Simmons has more on what odd items are helping police solve crimes in Hampton Roads.

It’s just a sock…an everyday item of clothing we all wear. But in police investigations, socks are gold mines of evidence, holding information that could lead them directly to an arrest.

Police departments all over Hampton Roads are depending on CSI techniques to crack unsolved cases, matching up DNA found at crime scenes straight to criminals, from the strangest objects.

“The person will drink out of a soda bottle, eat food out of fridge, leave a fork behind.”

A NewsChannel 3 investigation uncovers what crazy stuff police have found, then tested, and used to put criminals in jail.

“I guess they got to do whatever they can to get a conviction.”

That story is tonight at 5 on NewsChannel 3.

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