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Pediatricians recommend story time for developing minds

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(CNN)– The American Academy of Pediatricians┬árecommends that parents of young children include story time in their daily activities.

According to the AAP, reading aloud does more than just strengthen literacy skills, it also promotes language skills and parent-child relationships.

For younger children, such as toddlers, parents should make the stories more interactive by pointing at pictures and asking questions.

James M. Parrin, AAP President, suggests that pediatricians should talk to parents about the importance of reading aloud as the benefits are compelling.

President Barack Obama has also supported the AAP’s movement saying, “By giving more of our kids access to high-quality preschool and other early learning programs — and by helping parents get the tools they need to help their kids succeed — we can give those kids a better shot at the career they’re capable of, and the life that will make us all better off.”


Jennifer Hunt