People Taking Action: And the winner is…

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It was a celebration of people taking action! We're talking about 12 of our most popular People Taking Action Award stories on over the past year.

Today at an awards luncheon at the Town Point Club in Downtown Norfolk, NewsChannel 3 and our community partner Southern Bank honored these 12 recipients and to announce the person who received the most votes as the 2014 People Taking Action Humanitarian Award winner. But first, who are the 12 nominees?

1) Reuben Price is a 90 year old cafeteria monitor making a difference at one of the oldest elementary schools in Hampton.

2) Tynniah Cannady was just six years old when we first did a story on how she took action for CHKD by collecting a huge amount of toys for sick children there.

3) The Afro Dogs is a local motorcycle club making a difference by regularly collecting school supplies for needy kids in Portsmouth.

4) Jeff Stewart has the nick-name "The One Armed Bandit," that's what his friends call him after he lost his arm in a work place accident, but that doesn't keep him from taking action for several charities.

5) United Auto Wholesalers is a Virginia Beach car dealership that helped a teenager stay on the road with her special charity. The owners agreed to take care of any vehicle repairs free of charge so this teen can continue taking action for local homeless people.

6) Joe Seals is the head custodian at Virginia Beach's Thalia Elementary. He is so beloved at that school for how he provides a listening ear for the students.

7) Patricia Wilgus is a very popular veteran educator at Bishop Sullivan High, who retired from the classroom. She was called back to fill in for a sick teacher and countless students wanted us to honor her for how she's had an impact over the years.

8) John Shaw is a man who is making a difference for people living in a Norfolk retirement community by regularly bringing donated food to residents on fixed incomes. He's known as Pastor John, and his message echoed by his actions--it's better to give than receive.

9) Ty and Angie Satchell  are called undercover angels by one Suffolk man because of how these neighbors have taken action for him while he recovers from a stroke.

10) Rosa Gregory is a little league mom who takes action on the ball field every night, even though her day starts before the sun rises.

11) Dee Peshel is a 71-year-old woman known as "Miss Dee" who raced into a burning mobile home to save her neighbor.

12) Quentin Livingston and Todd Lyons are two Franklin Police officers who took action and pulled an unconscious woman from her burning home.

And the 2014 People Taking Action Humanitarian Award winner is Jeff Stewart. He received a $2,500 travel gift certificate plus Southern Bank will contribute $1,000 to his favorite charity, which is the Cody Childers Memorial Fund.