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Did something fall from the ceiling of the HRBT? NewsChannel 3 Investigates

February 11th, 2014 at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel--drivers endured a 4-hour long shutdown throughout the evening rush hour.

All because of a phone call from this man.

“I saw it come down really quick right as I entered the tunnel, boom, right into front of my truck.”

Harley White made it clear to VDOT his F-250 was hit by something that fell from the ceiling at the opening of the eastbound tube of the HRBT.

For the first time, a NewsChannel 3 Investigation is uncovering exclusive pictures of what they found.

Two small tiles at the entrance, partially hanging down after an internal bolt broke.

“A bolt could have done that damage to my truck,” said White.

But when White filed his claim with VDOT...they denied him!

So why won't they pay after they admitted the shutdown happened because of him?

“They kind of called me a liar right off the bat,” said White.

NewsChannel 3 investigates how VDOT can get away with not paying...Friday at 5.


Update: I-64 eastbound at HRBT now open after crews work to reattach metal panels

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  • Carl D

    Thank God, he wasn’t hurt, however, if that happened to me, I would make VDOT begging for mercy and pay the damage of my car or get me a new car with car insurance premium payments for 2 years!

  • Bill Redding

    They found nothing during the investigation of the tunnel after this guys claims. That is why he has not been paid. How is this still news? A million things get kicked up off the roadway every day and damage vehicles. That is what auto insurance is for. Come on people.

  • VDOT Supporter

    A sign clearly states that VDOT is not responsible for damage to vehicles. File an insurance claim, Sir. That’s what it’s for.

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