Virginia Beach native stung to death by killer bees in Texas

Virginia Beach mother Sonja Tuner says she was paralyzed by the news her only son had been attacked by killer bees in Texas. According to the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s report, 30-year old Aaron Turner died after the attack. His heartbroken mother explained what happened:

“It was unbelievable. All I could do was drop the phone and scream and holler, ‘Not my child!’” said Turner. “I can’t eat, all I can think about it my son laying there with 1000 bees on him.”

Turner says the attack happened while her son was working for an Oklahoma-based fencing company, Lohmann Fencing,  in San Antonio. His boss explained to her what happened.

“He told me Aaron and another guy were working on the fence, they hit a bee nest and a swarm of bees came up like a big old fire. Aaron ran into where they were coming from,” she said, “all he could do was fall to his knees because at that time they had already attacked him.”

Turner says she will hold on to the images of Aaron fulfilling his dreams. She adds the whole reason he went to Texas in the first place was to be a professional football player. After graduating from Ocean Lakes High School in Virginia Beach, Turner says Aaron went to college in Texas on a football scholarship and even played for a few arena football teams.

“I’m going to miss my son. My son meant the world to me.”

Turner is seeking closure. She would like to know if the company could have done more to protect her son.

“He owned this company for 30 years and this was just a freak accident, but you didn’t prevent anything. If you know Texas is good for killer bees, they need to do more research to protect the people and the workers,” Turner added.

NewsChannel 3 did get in touch with the company’s owner and asked if he was looking into changing safety policies and procedures. He did not want to comment on the attack without consulting his attorney first. However, he did tell NewsChannel 3 this was the first time anything like this has happened in 30 years.

The medical examiner in Texas did confirm Aaron died of anaphylaxis and envenomation due to insect stings.

The family is working on bringing Aaron back to Virginia Beach for his funeral.


  • Aaron Mason

    Will always love ya big bro. The funniest man of his size and the best teammate. It was an honor taking the field with you in Dallas. God is by your side now.

  • Maggy jones

    Thoughts and prayers go out to the family….. The company he works for Should send the body home. That’s the least they could do

  • J. Talley

    What a sweet man, my daughter and son in law went to College with him. Prayers up for his precious family. May God bless you all so.

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