Grand opening of Uncle Pete’s Pavalion: ‘My pop loved the city of Norfolk’


Norfolk, Va. – He served on countless boards and charitable foundations but today was all about honoring him.

We are talking about the late Peter Decker.

Today a public building was named after him on Ocean View.

The grand opening of Uncle Pete’s Pavalion on the Ocean View golf course was held today.

The Decker family and city officials, including the mayor and council members came out for the celebration.

“It is a great tribute, my pop loved the city of Norfolk, he especially loved Ocean View, and this golf course is a big part of Ocean View. My pop and my family had a lot of great time’s right here,” Peter Decker’s son told NewsChannel 3. “I know he would love coming by here and seeing his name on this beautiful building and his picture on these flags, he’s smiling.”

City council members say downtown Norfolk would not be what it is today if it had not been for Uncle Pete.

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  • appbull

    No copy editors at WTKR?
    Pavilion not pavalion
    times not time’s
    And I’ll presume “today” means Sunday, though this was posted at 12:11 a.m. Monday.

    If you’re going to bother with print, you folks need a second set of eyes.

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