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Police say Norfolk man raped woman, took off with infant

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Norfolk, Va. - Police say he snatched an infant his ex-girlfriend was babysitting, then when his ex ran to save the child, he yanked the woman into his truck and drove off.

Norfolk police have put Carlos Brizuela in jail, and at this time aren't telling NewsChannel 3 what he's been charged with.

Court documents tell the story. Police say in January, Brizuela raped his ex-girlfriend after he kidnapped the baby she was taking care of.

NewsChannel 3 went to his home, none of his family spoke English, but coincidentally they were on the phone with him from jail and let us talk to him.

He didn't answer any of NewsChannel 3's questions.

Police say Brizuela drove the victim and a baby to his home off East Little Creek Road.

A search warrant says that's when he approached, pushing her down on the bed.

Police say he then took off her clothes, all the while she begged, saying "Please don't disrespect me like this. I don't want to be with you."

Court documents then detail a rape, and say the baby started crying.

Police say Brizuela demanded the victim quiet the infant, and the victim says Brizuela then snapped photos of her on his phone.

A search warrant shows police checked the phone for evidence last week.

Court documents also lay out how Brizuela put the victim and baby in his truck, and threatened to get on the highway.

Once he passed the victim's house, she jumped out of the truck. When the truck stopped she grabbed the baby and ran.

She called police and officers arrested Brizuela, a man who sits in jail and doesn't want to answer our questions.


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    What he did was wrong ,But these news channels trying to do the trails by public , to me are get worst( funny how the pic they show are the same type of people in our cummunties , if you going to do it make even and stop trying to start more fear in these cummunties to boost your shows.

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