Army Official: Recruiting program turned into ‘a huge gravy train’

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On Tuesday, a Senate Homeland Security Subcommittee will be holding a hearing about an Army National Guard recruiting program that may have been gamed by hundreds of soldiers using taxpayers’ money.

According to, this investigation is looking into enlisted soldiers as well as 200 officers who may have been involved. They say the program under investigation is the Army National Guard Recruiting Assistance Program which started in 2005.

National Guard soldiers who were able to get people to sign up could get a bonus from #2,000.00 to $7,500.00. Full-time, uniformed Army recruiters were not allowed to participate, but they could say that someone else had referred a new recruit and the solider received a payment and the full-time recruiter could also get a kickback CBS says.

An Army official told CBS News that the program started as a legitimate program but turned into “a huge gravy train.”

The Army’s Criminal Investigative Command requested an audit of the program in 2007. The program ended in 2012.

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