Operation Wish List: Shamika’s comeback

One day you are living the dream and the next day you’re homeless! That is the story for many families who are a part of “Operation Wish List.”

Children who live in homeless shelters don`t know why mom and dad fell on hard times, they just know that Christmas is coming.

That`s why we are taking action to make sure they have a toy of their own on Christmas Day.

Shelters run by organizations like For Kids give these families a chance to start again.

Jaiden is nearly two-years-old, and he is one of five siblings. What are your worries at that age?

Most of us can’t remember back that far, but his mom Shamika, whose recent divorce sent her once stable life into a spiral, knows what she wants for Christmas—to be normal again.

“Just for us to be stable both financially and physically and for us to be happy,” says Shamika.

One day she was married with children and building a life, and the next day she was homeless and at a For Kids shelter struggling on her own. She was working and going to school seven days a week to support her family.

She admits doing it as a single parent isn’t easy.

“You have to plan a schedule for everything you do. I have to do everything at night, so it’s prepared in the morning,” says Shamika.

Planning pays off when this mom looks into the faces of her children.

“Every morning I see them, they make me happy when they are happy,” says Shamika.

She doesn’t spend a single moment feeling sorry for herself; she says she is stronger for the struggle.

“One day you could be doing good and have everything you want and need out of life, and then nothing at all so you appreciate all that you have,” says Shamika.

Speaking of all she has, her children all have a little something on their wish list.

“I know Zamonie likes game systems. Don likes cars. Nijeri loves doll babies. Nijeri loves doll babies and nail polish. Jaion likes anything that will light up,” says Shamika.

If you would like to donate, click here. 


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