Operation Wish List: Why we donated

With your help, children who live in area shelters and transitional housing will wake up on Christmas morning with a toy of their very own.

Many of you dropped by last week at our live locations to drop off toys or cash donations, and it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

When you ask folks who stop by why they give to Operation Wish List, there’s a familiar ring to what compelled them to stop by and give.

“I care for the kids. I don’t want to see kids go without toys for Christmas. I have a heart for kids, for anybody suffering who needs help,” says Charlene Bodie.

We made stops in five Hampton Roads cities and NewsChannel 3 viewers dropped by each time to see us whether it was Farm Fresh, Southern Bank or Tropical Smoothie Café.

“I like to see the kids. It’s just heartbreaking to know they’re not going to get something,” says a big-hearted man named Jeff.

Jeff and his girlfriend Elizabeth didn’t know about Operation Wish List until they saw us at Tropical Smoothie Café, so they went and loaded up their truck and came back to unload box after box of toys – an unexpected, unplanned, happy accident.

“I know I have so much and lots of people don’t have a whole lot, so I had a lot of stuff taking up space in my garage and I said someone is going to enjoy this stuff. I got them out back and up in the truck and brought them here,” Jeff said.

Friday is the last day for Operation Wish List – so we need you to fill up those donation bins at area Farm Fresh and Tropical Smoothie Café locations.

If you make a cash donation at Southern Bank, they will double it.

And don’t forget the teens, a $10 or $20 gift card is just what they need to get the item they want to pick for themselves.

Click here for more information about how you can take action and donate. 


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