Operation Wish List: Mother of two says shelter helped her get back on her feet

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Ebonie McKinney used to climb the stairs of the Dwelling Place homeless shelter to get back on her feet.

It was a soft place to fall when she and her two boys came across hard times.

You might ask, what makes Ebonie different from you and me?

“People can live one paycheck from being homeless,” says McKinney.

That’s all it took, one paycheck and she and her boys, 7-year-old Rashad and 6-year-old Jermiah, were without a home of their own.

Ebonie praises the Dwelling Place for lending her a hand when she needed it most, helping her find a job, an apartment, and a fresh start.

“I got a job today. I’m looking forward to things getting better,” says McKinney. “I feel great. I’m tired of crying. These are tears of joy. It’s been hard, but I made it.”

Children play the same no matter how much their parents make.  All they know is Christmas is coming and they have a wish list.

“I just want to see them with a smile because they deserve it. It’s been hard for them,” says McKinney.

And the boys want Santa to bring a little something for mom on Christmas Day.

“What do you want for your Mom,” asked NewsChannel 3’s Barbara Ciara.

“Love!” responded the boys.

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  • I wish the government would spend some of its money in the US, by helping people like McKinney, who work but need just a little bit more than they can make on their own to survive, it would make us a stronger country all together. Sending our money out across the world to help those in need is commendable but if you cant even help those in our own country, how can we afford to help the rest of the world???

  • Ebonie Mckinney says:

    Thanks and it is hard but they only thing you can do is pray and keep moving forward.

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