Chesapeake man charged after allegedly having sex with a 14 year old girl

Chesapeake, Va. – A Chesapeake man was arrested after being charged with three felonies for allegedly having sex with a teenage girl from Yorktown.

24 year old Kenneth Smith was charged for having sex with a 14 year old girl that he met online. Smith told the court that he believed the girl to be 17 years old. The 14 year old victim says that Smith told her that he was 17 years old.

The two individuals shared text messages and pictures and eventually met in person at a Motel 6 in Newport News in September. Once the incident was reported, search warrants were issued for Smith’s electronics for evidence of child pornography as well as photos of the 14 year old girl.

Smith is currently out of jail and his bond was set for $15,000.

Stay with NewsChannel 3’s Jackie Faye as she brings you more on this story.


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