USS Barry deploys; gets delayed due to storm

Norfolk, Va. - Norfolk based sailors aboard the USS Barry deployed Thursday.

The guided missile destroyer pulled out of Naval Station Norfolk.

They are going to Europe for several months, but it will spend the weekend in Yorktown because of the massive storm. It will then head out into the Atlantic.

During the Barry's last deployment, the ship played a key role in operations Odyssey Dawn and Enduring Freedom.

The ship launched more than 50 tomahawk missiles to help establish a no-fly zone over Libya.

Now the USS Gravely is deploying on Monday.

The Gravely and the Barry are part of the Truman carrier strike group.

Confused yet about the delayed deployment announcement?

Here's the facts:

The Truman, the carrier air wing they transport, and the Gettysburg are not deploying.

This is the majority of the manpower in the strike group and the Navy has not told us exactly how many sailors are affected.

Other ships associated with the carrier strike group could still deploy.

The Navy has yet to release anything about the USS Monterey or the USS Kauffman, who are also with the Truman strike group.

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